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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ana mesh ma3ahaom....Am I Lost between 2 worlds?!

I am not talking about the movie, but about reality.

-Don't you feel lost between What you do, and What you "should have" done?!
-Don't you feel confused about what you want to do, and what you can do?!
I have always been a moderate person when it comes to point of views. I don't like to be an extremist (except in time management :), in religion, i am not fanatic nor non-religious; in politics, i am not capitalist, communist, right wing, left wing, or any (may be my believes are closer to socialist but can't consider myself one); in love, not "sahtan" nor "galanf". I am always having my own way, line, opinion, that may coincide or clash sometimes with one or all of these views.
But, and ahhhh men but, although I feel peaceful about this choice, and had lot of success, I feel that I am lost between 2 worlds, West & East. I think, work, operate (manage my day) in a more western style regarding systems, production, plans, studies, time, respect,...etc. However, my feelings are definitely eastern (very sensitive, passionate, emotional, ...etc).

Some people tell me I am lucky coz I am having the best of each world, but do you think I am, or I am lost between 2 worlds?



Fatiflower said...

Yes you are lucky because you're combining the best of what West has (organisation,) and the best of what East has (sensation, passion and Emotion). be what you are, it's the most true thing you can ever feel!

omar said...

kabbar ya 3am. Do whatever you want. Ma7desh leh 3andak 7aga?

Wala eih ya tamer (mokhtar)!

Yasmine Ismail said...

I am facing the same thing mohaly although I am living in the US.
I think you are lucky because you can utilize your thoughs and feelings in the right place at the right time ;)
Knowing you by hard, I can tell that the reason of posting this is that you are trying to find a life partner who can match this criteria, right ;)


Mohaly said...

Yes you are right yasmine, I don't know how can I find a person that matches this dual issue.

amina said...

mohaly, before being a half-active memeber in this blog, all what i knew about you was that you are Noha's brother, but now i can say that you are in a need of a life-partner (as fatima said, and again yasmine). however, this is not easy. I spent a lot of effort till Allah blessed me with my Husband. So have a real neyya, and tawakal 3ala Allah.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Having peace with yourself is the most important, others will not ever agree on something, pay attention to others but to a limit :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

one of the few times i find myself agreeing with tamer :)

Tamer, don't get used to it!


omar said...

talking seriously, I dont think that you Mohaly is lost because you know your identity and what you wanna do. The problem is with the whole country that lost its identity and is totally lost between many worlds!

amina said...

egypt should not be having an identity problem, a country with such history and role shouldn't be easily loosing it.

I am sure that we are just passing through a temp. period of something I dunno what to name but "this too, shall pass"

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Yasmine, Didn't expect that we will agree on something, and will be shocked if it's happened again :)

so everyone of us should think about how that happened "for sure there's something wrong" and to avoid it in the coming comments.