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Friday, April 27, 2007

108) The Prosperity of the Egyptian Republic!!

I usually read Al-Ahram through the Internet, today I found that the Egyptian President has delivered a speech yesterday in the occasion of labour day (I thought it is May 1st like the US). Anyway, I have read the headline saying what is highlighted in red. but found myself very confused because what is said here means that Egypt is on the edge of gaining the fruits of the hard time, while what you guys say is totally the opposite.

I sms-ed Mohaly about it and he said that if you have access to last years' speeches in the similar occasions, you will always find us in a "Historical Stage" or "Threshold of prosperity". It seems that Egyptians've spent too long standing on the threshold of prosperity door, while no one is actually inside to open.
Yasmine Ismail
on behalf of Mohaly


omar said...

Behind the door is Jimmy :)

TR said...

Yasmine, don't be so naive, the government used 3onoq el zogaga for a long time, wadeena 3addena 3onoq el zogaga.
It's time now after squeezing through the bottle's neck to taste the fruits of the hard time we lived through, the guy is totally right from the scientific point of view. I consulted 3abd el megeed el se7a7 and found out that lime, lemon and hot chilli are also fruits, so the fruit doesn't always have to taste sweet.

bo2bo2 said...

i think a historic edge has to be very big to hold 80,000,000 egyptians must be at least 10 years long

that's ok eshta