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Saturday, April 7, 2007

PERSONAL:::My 1st Operation ... It is serious!!

I've just came back from the clinic. Unfortunately, it is much bigger than I thought and I am going to have a surgery in 10 days. I am scared coz I have never done an operation before and I am allergiric to pain killers, hence I will be doing it with "awake mind" (local anesthesia), i.e. they are gonna work on the lower body while I will be hearing and watching!!!

Anyway, pray for me, I will let you know the exact date.



Yasmine Ismail said...

It is gonna be fine Mohaly, please take good care of yourself. I will call you in tne morning.


Fatiflower said...

Alf Salam 3alik ya 7abib el gamaheer enshallah t2oum bessalama ;)

omar said...

salamtak ya Mohaly. Te2om bel salama in-shaa Allah :)

khateeb said...

1000 salama ya mohaly it would go ok ISA and get well soon...
keep us updated

Geeee said...

ana bs mesh 3ayzak teb2a mohoom ya mohaly 3alashan ana 3arfak fazee3 we heya aslan baseta isa :D isa te2oom belsalama we terga3 tenawarna tany ya nagafetna ya donytna we fadak commentatna :D

Alf salama ya pro ;)

Mohaly said...

Thank You Guys...I was really scared yesterday, today is better, but you know i care most about the TIME after the operation more than the operation. Imagine!

I am really sick with Time, I realized that it is the biggest value in my life, even bigger than my well-being!!

TR said...

basita ensha2allah ya ragel.
1000 salama 3aleik ya mohaly. ana aseebak yomein arga3 ala2eek kharban keda?