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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FUN::: Double U Double U Double U!!


Anonymous said...

no comment!

khateeb said...

eah, meeeen, leah...tayeb mashi. 2095 insha2 allah nefham

TR said...

Moilik ghof dot ess why dy kanet sahla. elly ana mesh fahmo ba2a, eh dabel you dy???

I found the website:

Go to the FAQ page and check out the single question found there.

omar said...

FAQ_Q ما هي تعرفة الكهرباء للقطاع المنزلي
FAQ_A تقسم إلى عدة شرائح

This is the only question T R is talking about!

Ra2asa we beter2ous Nawart El Ma7kama :)

bo2bo2 said...


mosh bet2ool cdehaya we nebawet

kolaha kam sana we neb2a zay el magharba :P sam3ana ya khalty f...