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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


For my bad luck, the only chance I had to meet Bill Gates in my life was documented with less than half-face. Is there a software that can show the rest of it ?! :)))

If you looked (actually digged) at the picture below, you will find Bill Gates (Micorsoft Chairman), accompanied by Kareem Ramadan (GM Microsoft Egypt), and Ahmed Darwish (Ex.Head of E-Gov project then, now minister). This picture was taken in early 2005 when Gates visted Egypt, and one of the stuff inagurated was a project I was co-managing as MSN Arabia with MS Egypt.

P.S. Tamer Mokhtar, I know you hate the word inagurated, but it is fitting here!


omar said...

el man7ous man7ous, we law 3ala2o 3ala raso fanous :))

Yasmine Ismail said...

hey Mo, it is not measured by the photo documentation. the more imp is what you have experienced from this meeting, who know, may be it can make you another Gates!


omar said...

belmonsba, Bill Gates da meen, kaseeb ya3nee?! hehehe

Mohaly said...

3ala ma 2osom ya Omar!
he just have
300,000,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.

and yasmine to2olak another Gates! I promise you if I reach 1/1,000 I will think about it!

P.S. da If, and If tafta7 3amal el shaytan :)

TR said...

Maho enta kaman ya Mohaly na22et atwal wa7ed fel a3da kollaha 3ashan to2af warah?
kano zaman fel madrasa beyakhdolna class picture we kano el modarreseen bey2ololna el osayyar oddam wel taweel wara.
We7yatak ya mohaly, lamma teb2a mohaly gates keda we rabbena yekremak, teb2a teshtery noskhet windows tanya wetnazzelha el soo2 3ashan microsoft bet2ool en heyya maba3etsh fee masr gher noskha asleyya wa7da bass(elly kol el nass fee masr are installing it).

Fatiflower said...

Damak Khafif ya Tamer 3agabetny "....microsoft bet2ool en heyya maba3etsh fee masr gher noskha asleyya wa7da bass(elly kol el nass fee masr are installing it)...." Allah yeguazy shtanak yabny :))))

khateeb said...

I got an IT solution for you and also for the other ladies in Black a couple of posts back. U put on the same suit and stand the same pose, let someone take a picture from the same distance and get me both pictures wanna hatsaraf... the other ladies paid very well and i expect you to do the same...

Mohaly said...

Ok, khateeb, deal.

By the way, how much did the ladies pay?

P.S. I am surprized if they are giving you money to show their faces, so why they cover it, take the photo, and pay to show it!!!

Mohaly said...

mesh bemazagi ya tamer rezk. I was part of the presenetation in the begining, and the photographer didnt shot it!

we ba3deen el 2osayar wara da kan zaman, delwa2tee eli beyefham, weli behes howa eli warra!!

Tamer Mokhtar said...

you know ely meza3alny en el sora nashfa moot, mafesh ay mozzaz!!!