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Friday, April 20, 2007

Yemken 2ata3 sha7n!!

Trrrrn... Trrrrn..

Al balad el matloub marforo3 mo2katan men al khedma, men fadlak 7awwal al etisal fe waktn la7ek!

then "fe waktn la7ek":
The "Future" you have "dialed" can not be "seen" at the moment, please try again later. This is a recorded message.

ya 7abebti ya Masr,



Yasmine said...

hehehehe matetarya2sh!
When i used to work at Oracle, i was handling all the partners in Africa, and there were days where we couldnt reach a whole country, literally.
So we're better off than a lot of people :)

Mohaly said...

that is the first trail, what about the second? what about the people in these countries, can they see the future they have called to ask for?

I am really wondering: MASR RAY7A 3ALA FEEN?

Sohad said...

Wow.. I feel like " watching back to future movie".

We are still out of reach in 2013... Now I m officially depressed:(

Mohaly said...

Lel2saf ... The difference is it will start with .. al saamu 3alaykom.