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Monday, April 2, 2007

FUN:::from Tunisia with Love!

I took it when I was in Tunisia in 2005, some place called El Hamamat (like Dahab in Egypt). Rawa2aaan.



omar said...

asl they dont have another meaning for NAZIF ;)

ghada said...

what's wrong with tunisians mohali!! :)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

we have the same "ya sawa2 ya shater wadena el 2anater"

Yasmine said...

meen el ensan el lateef da?? byetba3 menno fe masr da????

omar said...

The next prime minister ya yasmine
mr. ahmed latif, kefaya 3alena nazafa

TR said...

noone really understood what it's all about, but the comments are funny.
I don't find it funny though.
I lived in Algeria for almost 2 years and I'm familiar with signs using such lunguage. It looks funny in the beginning but after a while you realise that these messages gets through into your subconsciousness on the contrary to "El nazafa men al iman" one that even a totally illiterate person can recognise in Egypt. Psychologically, the repetition of a single word, sound or colour is hypnotic and after a while you get used to it as if it wasn't there( wall clocks for example, no matter how loud they sound, you don't notice it unless you concentrate on it).
I found the same signs in algeria, in Morocco, and Tunisia (which I visited in 2005(what a coincidence)during a 3eed vacation), I spent the day in a park, it was too busy(but quiet and peaceful), and everyone had their lunch prepared and they all ate at the park.
At the end of the day when everyone went home, I couldn't find any ma7shy remains, no newspaper wrappings, no bebs(pepsi) bottles, simply nothing was left behind (other than an acceptable amount of rubbish). You may laugh at a sign like this but you won't forget it for the whole day at least.
Ana asef bass ana fe3lan mesh fahem, el nas dol tarbeyya faransawy, walla el 3alam kollo 3ando genes gher elly 3andena,walla.....
walla el masreyyeen homma elly fe3lan yestahlo el 7ar2 begaz???

Yasmine said...

Yes, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco are tarbeya faransawy, we7na mesh metrabeyeen aslan.
yes, i'm sorry to say enena ba2ena sha3b gahel we mesh metrabby.

Here's why:
example 1: this group of young people have been organizing this music festival, called SOS Music (for more info check out http://www.sosmusicfestival.com/)(i happen to know one of the promoters/musicians), the idea of the festival is to save the people from the trash that shows on tv, and give them a chance to listen to real music from young and upcoming talents. So far there have been 3 episodes, the 4th is scheduled in early may. it takes place in the chinese garden at ka3et el mo2tamarat (where they did the gypsy kings concert).
the organizers equipped the place with food booths, refreshments, icecream, crepes, toilets, etc.
The idea is brilliant, and it has been organized wonderfully. It's a free event but with invitations. so you can safely say that 99% of attendees are middle/upper-middle/upper class. Ya3ni nas nedifa, welad nas we met3alema. the event is usually held on a firday, starts after prayer till midnight or even later than that.
given that the best bands always play last, i always stay lel akher.
we allah 3al manzar ba3d ma 3/4 el nas betkoun meshyet.
sandwich wrappers, soda cans, water bottles, candy wrappers, plastic and paper bags ALL OVER THE LAWN!
ma3a el 3elm eno trash cans are available on the premises, AND garbage men mashyeen beylemmo wara el nas.
adi masr we welad masr el met3alemeen welad el nas el nodaf.

example 2: I dont know if those of you abroad have ever been to city stars mall, the talk of the town, THE place to be these days; shopping, eating, cinema, etc.
the place is great, elegant, spacious, great taste, begad bravo.
zoom in ba2a, friday night, i'm going to the movies, tab3an the place is packed, be kol ashkal we alwan el masreyeen el momken tatakhayalhom... a man and his son are eating whatever fast food junk they were eating, he's holding the paper back in one hand, eating with the other. el ragel khallas akl... ye3mel eh? he just lets go of the paper bag to drop on the floor we howa mashi, without even FLINCHING!
ma3a el 3elm eno a trash can is 2 feet away, ya3ni law madd 2eedo, the bag would drop in the can.

da gheir tab3an el nas el betermy zebala men shebak el 3arabeya, wel nas el betermy zebaletha fel share3 without bothering to use plastic bags, etc etc

heya di masr... wetfahem meen ba2a! law kalemt 7ad hay2ollak, ya3ni ana el washakht el balad!? mahe el nas kolaha betermy fel share3, eshme3na betkalemni ana?!

TR said...

I forgot to tell you that on that day in the park, the garbage bins were not enough for the numbers which were there, and they were overfilled at the end of the day. But still there wasn't any noticeable garbage left(because people over there mesh fahmeen enno 7aram ennohom yerga3o yermo el zebala 3andohom fel beit).