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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

100 Days...2007!

Today marks the 100 th day of the year. I think it is a good time to stop and see how far did you achieve in your new year's resolution.

- Did you do what you planned for?
- Did you enhance your plans, and execution?
- Did you loose faith in achieving them?
- Are you happy with what you did so far?
- Is there anything you want to change for a better achievement during the rest of the year?

Either keep the answer to yourself or share with us and discuss. El mohem that you know where are you heading and where are you now!



amina said...

I did many stuff, but had many other dropping all the way too :(
but I still have faith in getting them done in-shaa-Allah. Is there a fast way to get things done?

Mohaly said...

hi amina, yes, check my next post.

Yasmine Ismail said...

u still count day mohaly :)

anyway, it is a good time to stop and evaluate.

I haven't done much coz i was so absorbed in learning new stuff, but it is an accomplishment.

I am satisfied but still have a long way to go!