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Saturday, April 28, 2007

110) Take 7 out, get 1 free!

This Video has been circulating in the US during the last week.
Afghanistan was a bonus, or stimulation before war.
P.S. It seems that Egypt is already in the game or it is not worth of attacking.
Y.I. (for Mohaly)


bo2bo2 said...


TR said...

Guys, I'm sorry to say that another Egyptian bloggers is leaving the stage today.
I've been reading his posts for more than a year now but he quits today for the sake of his life and freedom.
you can search google for rantings of a sandmonkey and see how many people are saying goodbye to him.
ezzaher enno fe3lan mafeesh fayda.

omar said...

oh my God, sandmonkey is one of the biggest egyptian bloggers, and he has hundereds visiting his blog.
that's a shame but this should push us to exert more effort here and in other good blogs to compensate. it just needs persistence on the goal as Mohaly says.