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Sunday, April 1, 2007

One Month of Blogging - Statistics, Thank you :))

TAMER, KHATEEB, YASMINE ISMAIL, YASMINE FARAHAT, AMIR, FATIMA, OMAR, AMINA, GEEE, and all other old & new (specially Tamer Rezk) contributors...

Thanks a lot for the impressive outcome, I thought of sharing it with you since it is my first month as blogger, and you are the ones who encourage me to continue :)

I hope that the quantitative statistics below is an indication of quality not only quantity:
Page Views: 3,303 (av. 110/day)
Visits: 906 (av. 30/day)
Visitors: 425 (av. 14/day)
Posts: 52 (av. 1.73/day)
Comments: 503 (av. ~10/post)
Country: 64.6% Egypt, 17.6% United States, 5.5% Germany, 5% UAE, 7.3% Other.
Returning Visitors: 74.9% New Visitors: 25.1%
Source: 32.3% direct, 26.7% Blogger, 8.3% Google, 8.2% Friends Referrals, 7.2% Blog Lists, 2% Face Book, 15.3% other.


omar said...

mohaly ya gamed :)

Tamer Rezk said...

I'm really sorry that Australia is classified under OTHER!
and I just noticed that when I post a comment I choose the ID under other category

Fatiflower said...

Mabrouk ya 3am law mosh interesting w gamed makontish 7a3abarak :))))))) Keep it up!!!

Mohaly said...

sorry ya Tamer but Australia is only 0.3%. Hopefully you will let it be 5% like what Khateeb did in Germany or Omar in UAE :)

and if it may compensate you, I added a special thanks to you as our newest serious contributor :)


Yasmine Ismail said...

sorry T Rezk, but it seems that US is in the lead ;)

Mohaly, thank you for sharing the info, and don't forget that you have a BLOG RECORD of 100 comments in 1 Blog!!!!

Can't open my eyes, gotta run,zzzzz.


Tamer Rezk said...

I really like your sense of humour Mohaly.
I think I'll have to find supporters from australia in order to beat the USA.

Mohaly said...

cool, now we have 4 countries in competition with Egypt..

USA, Germany, UAE, and Australia :)

P.S. the thing i dindnt mention that China comes 5th, and I really don't know why?

Do you think that there will be a day readers from outside Egypt will exceed those from inside!! In-shaa-Allah.

TR said...

China and chinese are invading the whole world. You have to expect something that comes from china when using any tools,going somewhere or even blogging.(It's not gonna be long when non chinese people will be considered a minority!!!). I don't want this to sound rude, I'm just amazed by their huge production that's enough to cover the needs of the whole world (and their human productivity as well).