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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

117) Mohaly & the Surgery

The first day, 1 min before the operation. Getting prepared in my room. In this cap & gown i felt like I am the physician not the patient!! The "E.R." mode just overwhelmed me, and I started asking in the surgery room about every single details; what does this do, why, how. Actually the doctor regretted that he decided to do it with a spinal atheistic coz they wished i would SHUT UP. I kept talking and asking even a 100ml shot of "mokhadarat"!

I literally had a PAIN IN THE ASS, so why not be one!!



omar said...

george cloony ya rabi :)

TR said...

el mohem 7amdella 3ala salamtak.
By the way, I replied to the post no. 111, please read.

Mohaly said...

Thank you Tarerk, and I commented on urs.

Anonymous said...

1 Min before the opertaion and you SMILE . It seems that you were a naughty patient . 7amdella 3ala salamtak after 5 years but this is the 1st time i read this post :)