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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

133) FUN:: Heaven & Hell - Arabic!


TR said...

Tayyeb heaven we fhemna el far2. But for hell, ma3lesh o3zoroony, koll el masry mesh the wife bas!!
ya3ny el amn el masry, hell.
el rateb el masry, hell.
el gar el masry(hehe, es2aloony ana, ana gerany fee sydney kano masreyyeen sebtelhom el state be7alha we ro7t queensland).
El akl el masry(recently fee ayy ma7al barra el beit), sends you directly to hell.
Egyptian Taxes, lol, hell bardo.

Mohaly said...

Lazen neseeb 7aga lel ashekaa el 3arab bardo :)

omar said...

tab mozza lebaneya tenfa3?