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Friday, May 11, 2007

142) Laysat Wa7eda, Aw Ethnan, Bal Thalatha!!

What can you do with 3 screens that you can't do with 2?!


bo2bo2 said...

usually u have two monitors that u use for more productivity like one that contains the task @ hand and the other is for a listing of tasks or when you are cross referencing two statements or something

the third one can be used for communications and media usually the third one is of more resolution or a wide screen option for media

anyway here's a link for a future PC way more space than just 3 monitors

omar said...


Fatiflower said...

walahy makontish motawa9e3a ghirak ya bo2bo2 aw Rafraf aw Ahmed Metwally yektebou comments on this subject. 3ala ra2y Omar Geeks :)

bo2bo2 said...

problem is that this information is available

if u were introduced to how to be @ least one and a half times more productive using two monitors wouldn't u use it

haven't u ever been using two worksheets and kept switching between them, i think it happened to everyone or ask reem if she were using her accounting app and a banking website AND an excel sheet to arrange her work and she had to keep switching between them

you guyz are exactly like your parents and grandparents afraid to use microwaves :P

FUBAR said...

ACTUALLY ... this is called a video editing suite , where you need at least 2 monitors .. also if you looks more closely on the keyboard you'll find colored keys for shortcuts to make it easier ..