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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

136) Should Egyptians have a Sex Quota!!

15 Times per day, i.e Every hour while awake!!! balash se7a, beygeeb wa2t meneen?

Khalas, kol 7aga helwa, Allah yemaseek belkheer ya 3am Moslow!!


TR said...

Tayyeb,.......I left tayyeb dy for more than half an hour, mana mesh 3aref akteb eh?She works, ya3ny it's 15 times a day only after she comes back(sometimes before she goes to work)ya3ny mainly after hours, el so2al delwa2ty, we heyya barra beya3mel eh?beyroo7 shoghl howwa kaman? walla beysakhan leghayet materga3(ana mesh 3ayez akoon abee7 bass ghasb 3anny), we dah laww beyeshtaghal, san3et ommo eh dah?.
ana olt fee serry 7aga ento kolloko 3arfenha(the famous three letter word that starts with an A and ends with an A)

Fatiflower said...

I can't believe it!!! this guy is really sick and should go to see a sexeologue-he will be using all his 20 years sexual storage in 5 years and his sexual account will be 0, what will he do in this case?

Fatiflower said...

PS: TR, what is 'the famous three letter word that starts with an A and ends with an A''-Sorry to ask but my egyptian vocabulary bank can't help me to find the word!!

Mohaly said...

welcome back ya fatima, yakhreb 3a2lik....but "7" in the middle wenti tefhami :)

we eih mawdou3 el sexual storage da...tab law wa7ed zay 7alati dakhel 3ala 20 years of storage...a3mel feehom eih :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

i agree with fatima
this guy needs medical help this is not normal!

mohaly-don't start talking about not practicing sex coz i am afraid tamer (mokhtar) catch on you with his "not-clean" thoughts!


Tamer Mokhtar said...

:) for this post comments are going to be censored?

just a question before i start!

Mohaly said...

say what you want in @#% for example the F word as F%$, and we will understand, u dont need to be abee7 to deliver ur point...i know it is hard, ana nafsi 2olt the 3 letter word when i read it like TR.

Hany said...

15 times is too much.but i think this deal is not logic as well. because still around 15 times 03 days weekly. means more than 30 times weekly. ooh. i feel pity for both of them. i think he should stay in fridge for 01 day and she better sit in a hot water.werabbena youstor ala walayana.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Chapeau for such these people that they are fighting with the nature, against pollutions, depression, political and financial problems with one main goal is breaking the records.

And for all of us we have to show respect for those heroes and take lesson & examples try to apply what they are doing, taking them as role module, yet 15 daily looks big quota but as we all experienced everything is harder in the beginning but PRACTICING making is doable, and whatever you can score is appreciated, but again quality is something you have to consider and this is the difference between the people when they liked something, This game only started by nature and ends with your last breath.

And for his wife, am sure that she should be extremely sexy that make this guy horny like this, and if not, I’ll admit that he should be el safa7 ely bey2olo 3aleh.

But also team players is something we should value, personally am interested to get the number from his wife how many daily  cause it’s not about the man only heheh

P.s. tried not to be safel as much as I can, we yestor 3ala walayana zay ma Hany 2al )))))))

omar said...

eih ya gama3a dah
wana el kont faker eni me2ata3 el samaka we delha!
dana ghalbaaaaan

3andak 7a2 ya tamer, mesh 2ader amsek el kalam el 7abee7 but fe banat hena :)

TR said...

Aywa ana kaman kont 3ayez afham mawdoo3 el sexual storage dah. Asl ana bardo ya mohaly el 7al men ba3do. Ya3ny e7na law sebna koll 7aga in it's original packing, will it still be good at any time? walla fee expiry date bardo?
Bass kalam gadd? koll da men el faragh el fekry, wa le7ekma la ya3lamha ella allh ta3ala (heyya ma3roofa bass balash kalam fel seyasa). ta7awwal aghlab el sha3b el masry ela baha2em la tofakker ella fee tawfeer (el lo2ma) wel sex.
Adel Emam said it in one of his movies,"el nas mesh 3arfa te3eesh, wedy mot3a bebalash mesh la2yeen gherha".

TR said...

Ya khwanna da beyetmarran 3ashan el olombeyad.
Tayyeb 7ad ye3raf nemret el ostaz Guinness records, nettesel beeh waho bardo neb2a dakhalna el mawsoo3a, we galal 3allam yegeebo 3al hawa fel ghara2eb wal tara2ef wel rawa2e3 wel 3aga2eb elly beylef yegebhalko men koll an7a2 el donya we................................................................................Galal 3allam.
Ma3lesh ya mohaly el post dah beytalla3 el mawaheb el madfoona feena.

Fatiflower said...

I have heard that men have sexual storage,and every time they make sex they 're using a part of it as it's related to "testosterone" levels more you consume more it decreases. Advise to both Mohaly and Tamer Rezk: you should get married as soon as possible because absence of sex in your lives is not good for your health and it's presence will make you see the world different ;) the fact that you are both virgin can make of you a sex addicted when you will get married and you can be at the place of this man :)))) be moderate!

Tamer Mokhtar said...


Mohaly said...

betedhak 3ala eih ya neela

Mohaly said...

ya3nee I should plan a 1 year vacation after marriage to make up for the lost years wala eih?

TR"reduced for quick sale" said...

Ya 3am Mohaly el mawdoo3 keber awy keda we kharag men edeina.
Tayyeb ana makontesh 3aref en fee expiry date delwa2ty, we lamma 7asabtaha la2et en ana dakhel fe3lan 3ala 20 sana storage. A3mel eh ana ba2a delwa2ty? anazzel e3lan fel gornal"reduced price for quick sale"?(da beya3melooh hena fel ma7allat lamma el 7agga bet2arrab 3al expiry date beta3ha).
anyway,fatima, the storage thing is only for girls as they have a limited number of ova and they lose one every 28 days until they have no more. But for men it's not the same, their sperm production reduces in number with age (sometimes they get weak and deformed as well) until they just stop producing any more sperms.
In the guinness records guy's case, sure he's got nothing now as the production is not that fast in the human body(I can't recall the rate now but even doing it twice a day will dramatically reduce his chances to have any children).