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Friday, May 18, 2007

160) A Solid Positive Change :)

If you read my profile, you will always read "someone who are trying to make a difference" and today I am sooo happy coz there are 2 people who were encouraged through my blog to push themselves to get their thoughts out and share it with us through their blogs...so all of us are enriched :)

1. Tamer Rizk: http://aquaragol.blogspot.com/
I am sure that this guy's blog will be an addition, actually a competition but in a positive way :)
Tarek Says: "I thought that I lack the creativity to keep on posting on daily basis, or even weekly until I met my new friend Mohaly who encouraged me to start my own blog (Lately he ran out of patience and started pushing me to start posting coz he wanted to remove the "under construction" sign that he put up on my blog).I started writing down ideas for the blog and was really surprised by the number of things that I'd like to share with my friends but never had the chance to do it before.Thanks Mohaly for the encouragement (and the push)."

2. Fatima :) http://fatifleure.blogspot.com/
This is when you are done with the lots of talk here, go to Fatima''s blog and have your sessert there :)
Fatima says: "Kolak 7ekam ya Mohaly and I am proud to be one of your friends."
"bel monasbah el blog I started my own blog, have a look: www.fatifleure.blogspot.comlaw takaramt ya Mohaly link to my blog"

Thanks Guys, and I have to thank TAMER MOKHTAR & AMIR MAGDY coz I was planning to start my blog by Mid 2007, but they convinced me of starting it since the start of the year.


Tamer Mokhtar said...

Welcome ya gam3a fe 3alam semsem

Ya mohaly, back to "at your own risk" that you have it beside my name, don't you think that enak u r publishing posts la mo2akhza mesh ana?

Mohaly said...

ked3a ya tamer 3ashan asref el anzar :)

Gypo said...

maho ana bardo khoft adkhol 3ala el blog beta3ak ya Tamer men el shoghl la yetla3 fee 7aga twaddeiny fee dahya.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

:) shoft ya 3am mohaly

Mohaly said...

khalas ya 3am, changed :)