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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

119) Sex. Orientaton Part III: Homosexuals and Marriage

In the post no. 111, Tamer Rizk has mentioned something that I think it deserves a 3rd part of this discussion.

The part I wanna shed light here is; If someone is like Tamer's friend (good looking, smart, rich, social intelligence, but gay and not happy about it), should he fight himself, and get married (specially if he is bisexual) and lead a normal life? or not even think about if for fear of failure?

I am seriously speaking, because if gays who are not accepting it have to continue as such + the gays who are happy about themselves + men who cant get married for any reason, then someday girls won't find enough guys to marry!! And this is only part of the problem.

The bigger part is, if the gay who refuses to be gay, and don't get married, will he lead a healthy life without reflecting all what is inside on the society.

I am asking again after being shocked that the number of gays according to official studies is about 10% of US & Europe and increasing! I don't know how much in Egypt but if it is 10% there it wont be 1% here, definitely more, and this is not a small number, we are talking about tens and hundred of thousands or even million!

So what is the answer to the marriage question?! I don't know, do u?



amina said...

They should perform a TAWBA and get married, and forget about this shamful past.

... said...

if u allow me commenting without good understanding to all the aspects of the subject...
its 7aram sure but what i think is its a phsycological thing..lazem yet3aleg el awel b4 tawba...
about marraige...won't that be harmful for her? i don't think that girls will accept marry a homo person..
i don't know...anyways there are girls who are homo bardo as far as i understand they don't marry guys too..i don't see the problem that Mohaly is talking about...the problem is these poor (in my point of view)people