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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

134) Honna Al Kahira - Part I

Cairo at 7am, i.e. polluted before pollution starts!


omar said...

allah 3ala gamalik ya masr :)

TR said...

Ma3lesh ya gama3a, ana 3omry ma kont meddalla3 wala ahly kano me3ayyeshenny fee bee2a mo3akkama, bass when I went back to Cairo last year, I've noticed many things.
The first thing that strikes you while still on the plane is the dust cloud that envelopes Cairo(It's visible day and night), second is the smell of the air (I could smell it for two days), my eyes were burning for a week plus the diarrhea(I can never remember this word, maktooba sa7 keda?) although I always ate at home.

TR said...

bass ana lessa bardo,.......
Poor but proud,
Sick and proud,
Dying proud,
dead and proud.
I'm going to heaven(proud), because I served my time in hell.

Yasmine Ismail said...

oh my God, i thought it is a dust storm in the begining!