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Friday, May 11, 2007

143) Honna Al Kahira - Part II

1) Blocking the Entrance.
2) Covered!
3) Yeb2a Enta akeed, akeed fe Masr!


omar said...

tab leeh!!!

TR said...

Ta3alo ba2a 3andena wetfarrago 3al shaware3 downtown we heyya fadya khales but still you wont find a place to park your car. Troo7 ba2a 3al parking we tedfa3 ya rayyes 5-9 dollars an hour, shoof ba2a hatedfa3 kam fel yom?
Ennama 3ala meen yabouya da7na masreyyeen (e7na elly dahanna el hawa duko we7na elly labbesna el shams el naddara). fel awwel kont barken on the backstreets(under a 2 hour parking sign)(traffic control officers bey3addo kol shwayya wey7otto 3alama bel tabasheer on the tyres and note the time of the visit) if they come back after two hours and find the mark still there, then you've parked there for more than two hours and you get a fine.
Ana ba2a kont anzel every two hours to wipe the mark.
la2 mesh 7elw....
It went on fine for two months until one day, I was parking in the same place as usual, and after only 30 mins I went down to the car to get my mobile phone that I forgot in the car.
There was no chalk mark, no fine, all I found was the kalabshat(the same ones used in Egypt) and that was my first time to see them here in Australia. There was a note on the wind shield asking me to visit the RTA(road and traffic authority).
I went there and had to meet an officer who explained to me the basics of common sense, el parking area dy 3ashan kol el nas mesh enta bas, we tab3an mentioned that the officer noticed my car (tab3an mana a3adt shahren arken fee nafs el makan) we katab nemret el 3arabeyya fel notebook beta3o we lamma rege3 mal2ash el white mark!!!
They gave me the fine and I paid it zay el shater, and then the officer told me that my car will be photographed the next time I do this again and I'll be taken to court.(mesh 3aref awsef ana kont 3amel ezzay sa3etha, kont fee nos hedoomy). E7na el masreyyeen fahmeen en e7na azka men el nas elly 7awalena, ektashaft en e7na mesh azka wala 7aga, la2 e7na benastaghell adab el nas we fakreen en dah shatara.
That was about a year and a half ago and since then I never did anything wrong(mesh khof men el qanoon ad ma howwa e7teramy lenafsy ba3d el douche elly khadto yomha)
koll el 7ekaya el taweela dy 3ashan a2ool fel akher......

AAH ya balad men gher rayyes.

Mohaly said...

My friends when were studying in UCLA did the same, but we were leaving soon so they werent caught!

we ba3deen 2olna Rayess men gher balad!

Nina said...

Hi, at least it is a colorful picture!

Mohaly said...

who is nina :)

TR said...

Ya gama3a da el ragel beya3mel e3lan 3an el beda3a beta3to. el ma7al aslan kollo omash me2allem men gamee3 el azwa2 el 3alameyya.