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Monday, May 28, 2007

177) Democratic Front Party - Will they make it?

This week the Democratic Front Party was approved, and this is the first time a party with a mission and well known figures get an approval in the last 30 years.

Do you think they will make it and someday have a public support that allows them to form a government?!


P.S. did u notice the logo :) 77 (the famous presidential article in constitution)!


omar said...

enta bete7lam!

omar said...

ya mohaly ya khabeeth
post no 177 and the logo 77 :)
7arakatak di

Anonymous said...

Osama 3'azali 7arb ! Do not think that he the kind of leader that will gather Egyptians around him !

1- He do not have a big beard
2- He do not start with Al salamo Alikom we Rahmat allah wa Barakatoh
3- He is Librally
4- Egyptians will never gather around someone without having 1&2

Sad but True