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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

118) Why do we over work & under achieve?!

Many of the people working in the private sector are overworking and underachieving the targets (if there are targets aslan), what causes that in your opinion.

P.S. I was surprized to know that the total average salary of the government employees is higher than the private sector!!



omar said...

coz we are lazy!

Sohad said...

1- lack of documented lean processes
2- unclear job description
3- different perception of the above ( kol wa7ed wee 7'ayalo)
4- lack of robust performance review system
5- time management
6- people don't Cherich the value of time propablly because thay don't have other activities to do
7- laziness is an individual factor but I believe if there is a rigorous system in place people will perform better.
8- last but not least top management effectiveness (اذا كان رب البيت بالدف ضارب فشيمة أهل البيت الرقص

Sohad said...

Do you know what else, people and organizations don't have big dreams ..sad to say but we are a stagnant nation we are not trying to explore out potential or have enough passion to race and compete with the developed world.
I took the lead to change my organization culture 3alashan 2a3raf 2a3eesh at least ab2a 7awelt.
Will end my comment which is more of fadfada with my favorite Ghandi quote" Be the change you want to see in the world"

Mohaly said...

yaaah danty shayla 2awy

Sohad said...

Indeed, bas mesh hafdal shayla wee 2arsem 3alamet ta3agob wee amshee..I am assuming that people don't know better, and doing my best to change what I can. Ana 3andee el vision en el sharekat el local tekoun zay el multinational ..nefsee el 3alam yeshouf en masr feeha talents wee nas zay el ward mesh el belly dancers well ahramat we bas. Nefsee nefo2 wee nengez

Mohaly said...

Belly dancers..e7na netoul
Read the article named el escort wall doctor.

Sohad said...

Ya Salam..2areteha wala hameneee:)) fee 7agat kteer priceless ... Wala 7atta 10400 million wara2a melawena yeshteroha.. Da mawdo3 taweeeeel .