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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

156) Nefta7 el Gesr wala ne2felo?!

Did you notice that all the offical Egyptian and Saudi papers has announced on Sunday that Kind Abdullah II of KSA will inagurate (ma3lesh ya Tamer M.) the start of the giant bride between Saudi and Egypt this week. This long waited for bridge will help to connect Africa & Asia, and the 2 parts of the Arab World, which will be a threshold for a dramatic increase in tourism, easier Umra, and definately more political integration, 7elw, la2 mesh 7elw, leeh?

3ashan our president - yetawel 3omor we yonsoro 3ala men ye3adeeh ...hi hee- has announced on Monday that there wont be wala gesr wala 7aga coz this will affect the peace and quiet atomsphere of his beloved Sharm and -quoting him- "mesh hasma7 bedka abadan" !!

Try to think about the closing paragraph of this post coz if I write it, hakhos el segn, wana lesa 3ayez atgawez :)


P.S> TR: mate3zemni 3andak shewaya fe Australia be3eed 3an kol 7aga, danta 7atta 3andkak sheta badal el 7ar da :)


TR said...

Men gher za3al, ana mettefe2 ma3a baba Mubarak fel mawdoo3 dah. Ana ra2yee nekhallina fee 3arab north Africa zayy ma Uncle Kadhafy 3amal.
1)3arab asia are totally different from us( and cnsider us as inferiors as well!!!!!!)
2)3arab north Africa, zayy 7alatna keda, 3andohom tareekh, nas te3bet we 7arbet, 3asho ta7t el este3mar, ya3ny zorofna wa7da.
3)el gesr da ba2a haya3mel eh???
Will bring more Saudis, kuwaitis, gulfies(ana ba7eb dayman akhtere3 kalam gedeed).
El nas dol mawarahomsh gher ellet el ra7a we waga3 el alb.
Kefayana ba2a metateyya we ellet eema oddam el nas dy.
I've seen the arabs a lot in Egypt. They are only after sex, booze and drugs, and their magical key is money.
Kefaya ba2a men their recklessness, rudeness, arrogance and irrespect.
wa elaikom al amthela:
1)One of them kills a BUNCH of bistanders in a race fe taree2 el matar(el walad men el khada 3ala 3arabeeto enhar ya 3eny we ragga3ooh baladoh 3ashan mama takhdo fe 7odnaha).
2)Wa7ed amir gayeb ma3ah men balado el kalb beta3o(shoof ya akhy el 7enneyya wel ensaneyya, mesh ader ye3eesh men gher kalbo) wel kalb dah 3ammal ye3od fee makhalee2 rabbena kol yom, we akhretha bosa welly fee el naseeb.
3)el 3arab elly beteegy 3ashan testad el endangered species(el ghezlan) with no permits (except the privilage of being an arab).
4)el ekhwa el kawaita elly herbo men beyothom 7afyeen 3ashan yeego masr yet3alo 3alena (wa2t 7arb el khalig).
5)Personal: marra garrabt asafer Alex. bel atr. kont 7agez daraga oola. Kan 3ala shemaly wa7ed s3oodi who booked four seats, and put them all facing each other, we kan rafe3 reglo el yemeen 3al korsy elly oddamo, we 7attet reglo el shemal fee weshy we 3ammal yel3ab fee sawabe3 regleh. Two older ladies,travelling alone, dressed in black, red eyes swollen from crying asked him if they could sit on the seats opposite to him and he simply said that he booked the four seats 3ashan mesh 3ayez wa7ed garban yo23od ganbo!!!!.
I gave up my seat to one of them, and so did another young gentleman sitting next to me. I told el akh, that it was rude in this country to put his feet in someone's face but la 7ayata leman tonady.(I know that the four seats were his bass fee 7agat keda betadol 3ala el ensaneyya aw el bee2a el watya elly el wa7ed beyetrabba feeha).
Men el akher, this causeway will just bring us more rude arabs, we fe3lan sharm el sheikh(el makan el wa7eed elly el nas lessa beterta7 feeh) will just overflow with them and we'll lose the already too little tourism that we have, and instead you'll find cool saudis who'll break all the laws, and running after women(it can be your woman, they don't give a sh**).
Ta7eyya le baba mobarak, da karar saleem men weghet nazary.

The Egyptian said...

Makhadtesh baly ana men el note elly ta7t.
Ya basha enta tenawwar OSTORALYA kollaha, ana bass khayef 3aleik materga3sh masr tany:)
(ana mesh 3ayez afta7 3ala nafsy fatoo7, we 7ad tany ye2ool 3alayya men a3da2 el watan. Khallik ya Mohaly fe masr, baladak awla beek)

mat2olshy eeh eddetna masr, ool haneddy eh le masr(7elw keda? ana watany ahoh. we baladeeeeeeey balady ya balady, baladeeeeeeey....)