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Monday, May 7, 2007

132) Nefsi Antakheb!!

The luck of my mother (aka: 7az ommi), that the French presidential campaign and elections were exactly during my recovery period, which allowed me to deeeeply watch, follow up, and analyzie it. It was as exciting as a basket game....but - and a3zobellah men 2olet but- i wake up everyday knowing that "ana mesh hantakheb"....ya gama3a since the last Student Union election i voted in (more than 10 years ago), ana mantakhatesh...

3ayez Antakheb....Maleesh Da3wa....Ana 3ayez Antakheb!!

P.S. 3ayez antakheb!


omar said...

ad7aktani ya rajol!

Yasmine said...

coming from a francophone family whose primary foreign culture is french, we've been following the french elections at home for as long as i can remember.
it's always a very exciting and charged time for us, watching debates, following the news, and discussing statistics and probabilities.
i've been following american elections as well for the past decade, and although they're not as streamlined, effective and democratic as the french, they're still refreshing and exciting to watch.
nigi ba2a lel egyptian elections... ya 2o7y ya 2o7y 3al dimokrateya wel excitement...

aaaaaaaaah yana yamma!!
(the only decent comment i can say)

Yasmine Ismail said...

The feeling of being able to elect and express your opinion is priceless!


Mohaly said...

Yasmine F: what do you mean by egyptian elections? I tried to find out but all what I found reinforces that these 2 words can't be put in 1 sentence!!

TR said...

howwa ya3ny eh elections aslan?
el kelma dy ma3addetsh 3alena fel madrasa!
we lamma rege3t le 3abd el megeed el se7a7, la2et maqas el raqeeb shayelha men el qamoos.