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Sunday, May 20, 2007

163) Will Jimmy & Dija keep Zamalek the same?!

I have always loved Zamalek, and when I am depressed or wanna have some quality time alone, I rush to Zamalek even though it 17 kms away from home. Today, I was on facebook, and found this group about: ''Enjoy Zamalek before Gamal and Khadiga move there" and was really concerned about my beloved island from changing into another "kasr el kobba" zone.

I will share with you what they have written on facebook:

"Our prospective President is intending to move to zamalek with his 20 years younger wife Khadiga El Gammal which means that Zamalek would be a property of the royal family and it would be impossible for us (the peasents) to move freely in this neighbourhood."


amina said...

i'm living in zamalek, her parents are near us in hassan sabry, so i guess she wont be far

rabena yostor!

Yasmine Ismail said...

i loved zamalek too


Mayan said...

Have u heard about the latest news? Laila Elwy the actress was married to Khadiga's uncle... a 63-year-old business man who lives in Belgium... 1000 mabrook lel 3aroosein....:P