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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

155) Al-Ahly: Role Model in Management

The decision taken by Al-Ahly management to give the coach (CEO) & big players (senior managers) a passive break till June is extremely professional because of the following:

1. Succession Planning: They are giving the opportunity to subs and younger generation to participate in major experiences like Al-Zamalek and Isma3ely Matches. They are also giving a chance to the Trainer (Deputy) to show what he got, especially that they dont guarantee the coach for more than a year.

2. Calculated Risk: They are risking loosing the matches, but they did that after guaranteeing the tournament. So it is calculated Risk.

3. Team Motivation: I am sure that the subs, young players, and the trainer will do their best to come out with the best possible result even if defeated.

4. Recharging & Fresh Eye: For the next season, and having a fresh eye to see real strategic problems not only operational.

and after all that they are attacking the decision in the press....3agabi!!


omar said...

el 3ageeb that the press has been attacking gozeeh the whole dawri for playing with the same team , and now they are attacking him for it!!

you should put it in contraditions series!

amina said...

I love El Ahly. They are the best team especially the ones eli beyete2o rabena zay Abo Tereka.

Fatiflower said...

ana malish la fel ahly wala fe zamalek wala 7ata fel koura.