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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

168) FUN::: El kalam leeky ya gara!

Brilliant, I have a neighbour who is like that but in everything, it may be a good idea to have such sign :) Egyptians are creative but always in the silly stuff!!


Yasmine said...


this reminds me of a story a girl i just met yesterday was telling me...
she's lived abroad with her family all her life, and decided to move alone to egypt. So she lives in a rented studio.

the neighbors in the building across the street complained to her bawab about her living alone, and the fact that her friends visit her in the evening, saying "maysa7esh bent yegelha deyouf fe betha, mesh kefaya enena mesta7melenha we heya 3aysha lewa7daha!"

adding the cherry on the top of the cake, those specific neighbors keep everyone up all night with their fighting, swearing at each other (the worst shatayem ever), and yelling all night long...

eh ba2a!!

omar said...

7elwa di :)