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Thursday, May 24, 2007

171) Missing Egypt!!!

I missss Egypt a loooootttttttttt!
Mohaly - Cairo, Egypt.


Gypo said...

Ya 3am sebly 7aga ba2a. El mafrood en ana elly a2ool keda!
I really miss Egypt. I miss the place where I spent the best years of my life, and I miss the old Egypt that I heard about from my parents stories, that I recall from the early years of my life.

Mohaly said...

That is the whole point. It is normal that u miss Egypt wenta be3eed, but I am living in the Capital of the country and missing it!!

(matestaghrabsh, 3andi 2arak tonight and didnt sleep till 4am, most prob. will stay awake till morning coz i wake up ba3d 2 hrs aslan)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

walahi ana mafhmtesh ezay enta missing egypt!! bass gayez bardo enama tell me sa7y leh ya mohaly?! :)

Mohaly said...

missing egypt coz i am missing the glory and beauty of egypt and sad that i came in a generation where egypt is at the lower end of development.

sa7ee leh is a very hard question that i couldnt answer...this whole week i slet 16 hours in total ya3nee about 3 hours fel yom!!

Sohad said...

I have the same feeling, and the hardest thing enak te7es bel 3'orba fee masr.. I am collecting photos & memories for "مصر التي في خاطري".
3alashan yefdal 3andee 2e7sas beeha. مصر وحشتني قوي