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Thursday, May 24, 2007

170) 100,000 Customers/Week....bravo Etisalat!

Etisalat announced that it has recorded over 300,000 subscribers in the first three weeks since its launch on May 1. Significant traffic is also being experienced for data services such as its ring back tone service, and its mobile television service.
Impressive, huh?


Gypo said...

So2al ghaby tany.
eh ba2a etisalat dy? sherket el mobile el talta elly benesma3 3anha men 5 seneen?

Mohaly said...

aiwa, and it is from UAE.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

3ala kol el ads deh!!! eftakart aktar men keda.
by the way ana wa7ed men el 300 dool, gebt line bass honesty mesh 3aref leh? maybe personal line just used it one time :)

Mohaly said...

the urge to trying new stuff ya basha :)