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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

181) Why? - Part II

Why did we stop looking at each others eyes while talking?
Why do we talk while watching TV, browsing the Net, reading paper?
Why do managers check their mails while talking to employees?
Why don't fathers and mothers give full attention and respect to their kids while talking?



Yasmine said...

i did a job interview with a guy who didnt look away from his monitor, and answered his phone whenever it rang, and it rang a LOT!

and when he hangs up, he gives me a blank look... and starts over from the beginning!!

Fatiflower said...

this is husbands' specialty, watching TV, playstation, newspapers, mobile and when it's time for some fruitful family conversation they transform it to sensual meeting, which is a good thing but also they should know that their wives would like to be just their friends from time to time in order not to limit the marriage just in food, sex, kids and responsibilities, it should be also a relationship based on friendship, complicity and fun and this comes when you hear the other's voice, feel him, look in his eyes and see him as human nothing else.

Gypo said...

I always look people in the eyes, and usually don't reply to someone speaking to me while looking in some other direction. I can't even talk to someone over the phone for more than 30 seconds.
Actually I had the same experience as Yasmine's in an interview in Orascom. I had to meet the HR manager who gave me an appointment at 12 pm. At 11:45 I was there but they kept me waiting until 3:30, I was already restless and nervous as waiting is what I hate the most.
Anyway, they let me in, I met the lady, she introduced herself, we shook hands and that was it. She turned to her computer and started asking questions(in English) but I wasn't answering, so she started in arabic and I didn't answer as well, so she turned to me and asked "7adretak ya bashmohandes ma3aya?", and I answered,"howwa 7adretek betkalleminy ana?", "ana asef geddan eftakartek betekkallemy fel telephone", and she said no worries we kammelet. I realized she didn't realize that this was on purpose and I told her,"laww 7adretek mesh fadya ana astanna sa3attek" at this point she turned to me with a very unpleasant smile on her face (ebtesama kanet ghelsa geddan) and the interview was carried on until she recieved a call, she didn't excuse herself, or even raise a finger for apology, she just answered, and that was when I got up and left without a word.(They gave a call two weeks later for another interview with the project manager!!).

amina said...

it is very rude what happened to you yasmine, and gypo as well. great reaction gypo. if this is what they are doing in the interview (selling u the post), what will they do in the appraisal meetngs?!

Yasmine Ismail said...

Looong night here, it is 3am!
I once quit a job because of that.
my manager used to look anywhere but my eyes (actually sometimes he used to look down my neck!), and i really felt it rude and provoking!


Yasmine said...

one major problem we seem to overlook here in egyptian family is the father's role in his kids life...

dad comes home late from work, very tired, very stressed, he eats dinner alone, sits on the living room couch, starts watching tv/reading the paper... the kids come running to great their father as they miss him terribly, he either ignores them and keeps doing what he's doing, or yells at them for disturbing him...
they look to their mother for consolation/explanation? she tells them, ma3lesh baba ta3ban men el shoghl...

and that's how we raise generations of children in the absence of a meaningful father figure.

Yasmine said...

i was once left waiting for 45 mins at a job interview, because the person i was meeting hadnt arrived at the office yet. so i got up and left. the secretary was shocked, and she said, i'm not sure he will have the time to schedule another appointment.
so i simply told her, well, that's too bad, but i'm not gonna sit here and wait till his highness graces us with his presence. my time is valuable too, and i dont like to waste it waiting.
and i left