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Monday, May 14, 2007

148) Honna Al Kahira - Part III

These guys (with the bread on bycle) always amaze me, it is really hard to keep the balance with 1 hand, imagine BOTH.

I remember in Engineering, we got a question in Fluid Mechanics about the aerodynamic effect on the bread temperature inside and outside the box in such case...I remember I passed bel3afya (ghaleban "C or C+") in that course, was one of the worst :)



TR said...

Howwa eh 7ekayet el so2al el menayyel dah? ana kaman faker el so2al dah fel fluid mechanics(but on the contrary I was really good in fluid mechanics).
Anyway, I remember these guys, they were always amazing, riding their push bikes at full speed through the crowds, making sharp turns and going to the oncoming lane and back to their lane, with their hands just grabbing the sabat (or in the egyptian slang el alf) where the bread is neatly stacked on top and they never lose a regheef on their trip.

TR said...

And I remember on my last visit to Egypt that one day, our door keeper was bringing my mom bread(balady bread)(we love balady bread), he handed me our bread which looked normal but I noticed that he had another plastic bag in the other hand full of another type of balady bread but much smaller(slightly bigger than a saucer) it looked funny so I had to ask him and he simply replied,"da el 3eesh beta3 el ghalaba men abo shelem", I still didn't look stupid enough in his eyes, so I went on,"bass ana 3omry mashoft 3eesh soghayyar keda abl keda!!", and he said:"maho el 3eesh dah matla2eehoosh fee masr el gedeeda" and he told me that he had to walk to 3ein shams to find a forn(mana kaman ma2darsh a2ool 3aleh bakery, 3eeb bardo) which sells bread from the father of SHELEM(men abo shelem ya3ny).

We aah ya balad,........

Mohaly said...

tab kewayes en fee 7ad salek feeha, asl el fluid mechanics and integration was my worst subjects in college (dayman C or C+, ma3 en el ba2ee kolo A or B!

but ya Tamer I dont see a problem in having degrees in bread, that is normal everywhere. The problem is: Is this bread human or not?

TR said...

Ya mohaly, bey2ollak beSHELEM, haykoon human ezzay ya3ny?
ana mettefe2 ma3ak fel Integration, 3a22adetny fa shaghalt el 7affaza we 7efeztaha we khlest.

self said...

Hi: may I contribute to this very interesting conversation. I have no idea about what is "fluid mechanics" but can say that looks complicated subject.
TR: it seems to me that you were not living in Egypt as you didn't know that there is classes even in this so necessary thing which is bread, so, don't keep saying Ah Ya Balad!!! sorry to tell you this but "Ah" means suffering and apparently you didn't experience such suffering in Egypt.

Mohaly said...

Self...fataht el nar 3ala nafsak or nafsik, TR has a lot to say :))

Fluid mechanics is the subdiscipline of continuum mechanics that studies fluids, that is, liquids and gases. It can be further subdivided into fluid statics, the study of fluids at rest, and fluid dynamics, the study of fluids in motion.

TR said...

Actually self 3ando/3andaha 7a2, I never really suffered in Egypt, but that doesn't only apply to me. In fact it applies to everyone of us. I never had to support a whole family on an income of 200 L.E/month, but apparently you don't as well self.
I lived in Egypt for the whole of my life and I know all about people's pain and sufferings (sa7ee7 ana ma3reftesh en el geneh ba2a coin until recently) but I officialy left the country less than two years ago.
Ana bas mesh fahem leh el hogoom 3alayya, unless you consider me one of (a3da2 el watan, al kha2eneen, As7ab el masale7 el shakhseyya wal so3ah ila al neil men som3et al watan, we kol el kalam el kebir elly el balad bet7eb te2oolo 3ala kol wa7ed bey3eesh in another country).
I'm sorry if my comment offended you in some way or another. I don't see most of my comments as funny coz I'm a real Egyptian, and I love this country (7atta es2al Mohaly ye2ollak).

Mohaly said...

yes i agree ya TR

Self: can u tell us more about yourslef, or at least u r male or female.

Fatiflower said...

bas ya TR 7at7'aleeny a3ayat, walahy enta ensan koiyess, self mayo2sodsh :)

Yasmine Ismail said...