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Monday, May 28, 2007

176) So2al Ahbal!

Why do we say "seme3t el ra3d fe wedanak" and dont say "shoft el bar2 fe 3eneek" although el bar2 is much more dangerous!



Noblese said...

Nice question, haven't heard about this saying before. Would you explain what is meant by "seme3t el ra3d fe wedanak"?

Mohaly said...

in egypt, especially on TV, when there is an agressive discussion, and someone says :"ana seme3tak, or sem3to...ect" the other says: "seme3t el ra3d fe wedanak" I really dont know what does it mean coz all of us hear the thunder!

May be Gypo can help here or Titi..

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Titi speaking about ra3d we bar2, fa howa she2 lozoom el shee2.

el so2al al mohem howa eah 3elaket Eman el ba7r be kalb el ba7r?? and Wael nour we 3amood el Nour?

Gypo said...

Egyptian movies always used a unique language. zayy masalan we dy as3ab ba2a, el ta7eyya el masreyya el adima(it really existed at a time) sa3ida. tayyeb heyya eh elly sa3ida, law yo2sodo el yom aw el nahar fal el etnein ta7eyyethom sa3eed. el aghrab ba2a howwa el rad sa3ida (mobarak), MAHO LAW SA3IDA el nos el awwal yeb2a el nos el tany lazem yekoon mobarka mesh mobarak.
khod 3andak dy kaman, ayy wa7ed bey7eb fel sima el masreyya ommo te2ollo 7abbak bors. I don't see a problem being loved by a bors, your problem starts only if you start loving this bors.

Mohaly said...

maskhara ya Gypo...but sa3eeda mobarak is kind of long term vision of the old people...

The original script was: "El 7aya Sa3eeda 2abl Mobarak" and el 7okoma 2assetha we ba2et "Sa3eeda..Mobarak".

Another version is that Khdija Mubarak tekhalef "Sa3eeda Mubarak", and teb2a heya el warees el shar3ee in 2041 Election.

Ama el big bors, fe te7bo, mat7ebosh, el mohem howa yerda 3aleek ;)

P.S. if i didnt post something for the next 3 days, e3rafo eni ma3zoom fe 2amn el dawla!

Yasmine said...

other tv/movies language that piss me off:
"argouky esma3ini"... i've never met anyone who uses that word, argouky

"ezayak ya si babaaa?"... "si baba" di sa3b gedan... we bardo, i've never met anyone ever say that!

Gypo, my grandparents still say "sa3eeda" and my grandmother is reminiscing the days when people used to say "neharak sa3eed"... as she puts it, "kanet ayam gamila, wel nas kanet bete3raf tetkalem, mesh zay delwa2ti, kol el nas ba2et zay el 2atr betlatash fe ba3d"

Gypo said...

Ya yasmine ana mesh mo3tared khales 3ala sa3eeda aw naharak sa3eed. In fact I wish that we start using them back again, el sob7eyya we salam el sob7eyya da a7la 7aga fel denya, la2en el wa7ed law mesh raye2 we motafa2el 3al sob7 haykoon motafa2el emta?
Ana faker en abl mamshy men masr even saba7 el khair we al salam 3alaykom makoosh shaghaleen fee masr.
law ro7ty ayy maktab 7okkomy(I used to live there for about two months to get my documents ready before I leave. will write about my life in the government offices later in my blog). El mohem if you greet an employee with saba7 el kheir, you'll never get an answer, just a rude look(if he bothers looking to you). And if you try salamo 3aleikom, all you get is one quarter of the answer,"salam"(without looking to you as well).
Once I had the rudest of them all fel segell el madany,
I said al salamo 3alaikom and he replied,"na3am". I repeated it 3ashan a7rego, he looked up and said "na3am" again(but a bit louder this time)!!!!!

Mohaly said...

ya sater, I hate to deal with government office, places and people sells u ekte2ab for free!!