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Thursday, May 31, 2007

182) El 3arees El Masri!!

Contributed by Rouna Rouna
- Ente testahly wa7ed a7san meny
- Ente a7la we ara2 we atyab bent shoftaha fi 7ayaty
- Eza mesh adra te7beeny 3ala el 2a2l mate7remeneesh eny a7bek
- Ana nadman eny daya3tek men 2eedy
- Enty mokhtalefa 3an kol el banat- Enty 7aga nadra gedan
- Ana mesh merta7 ma3a meraty, mafeesh bena ay tafahom (after 6 moth of getting married)
- Ana mesh bakheel, ana bas 7arees
- Ana mesh 3ayez menek 7aga, mortabek we shoghlek di 7aga beta3tek enty
- Enty fi Damy
- Ana abelt keteer we shoft keteer bas enty 7aga tanya khales
- 7ayatek elly fatet tokhosek enty, e7na betoo3 el nahrda


omar said...

da7na etsharakna khales keda!

Fatiflower said...

ana seme3t el kalam dah 2abl kedah, 2asdak eih eny da el mo9arar beta3 el regualla el masreyeen :(

Yasmine said...

i dont think it's just egyptian men, this is universal man talk:
- it's not you, it's me
- you deserve better than me
- i'm going through a hard time right now
- i need to figure out what it is i want in life
- you're the best thing that ever happened to me
- i'm not ready to settle down yet

and so on and so forth...

Gypo said...

khod 3andak dy,
ana tool 3omry kont ba7lam artebet bewa7da zayyek, laken sa3at el wa7ed bey2abel el ensan el sa7 fel wa2t el ghalat wana akhaf azlemek ma3aya fel taree2 elly ekhtarto lenafsy.
(I actually used this one, but you don't wanna know what happened next)

Yasmine Ismail said...

oh my god!! some parts I cant read very well but what I read is shocking!

Yasmine, guys here arent like that anymore, they are rude and mostly after your body! they dont wanna run broken recs to get rid of u, just dump girls without any kind of responsibility!

believe me still -inspite of all the creative phrases written here- there is a small part of dignity there!


MariannE_N said...

"7ayatek elly fatet tokhosek enty, e7na betoo3 el nahrda"
mesh 3arfa leh eftakart ma7mod yassin fi "aina 3akly" I think. He said this to Soad Hosny pretending that his "open minded" and eourope oriented man. I know this comment is not related to the post :-))))))) It just popd up in my mind :-)