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Thursday, May 10, 2007

139) Ana Watani wa Democrati....!!!

Ya gama3a, i think en MUBARAK ragel NAZIF, wa SHARIF, we kolo SEROUR.
He is always working lema feeh AMAAL el watan. Kefaya 3aleena eno howa sabab el GAMAL wel EZZ eli e7na feeh, we kaman beyehdef lel KAMAL fe 3ahdo el RASHID.
We 3ashan howa GHALI 3alena, Yala ned3eelo ma3 tal3et kol HELAL en rabena yeg3alo MANSOUR 3ala men ye3adeeh, we yekoon dayman HABIB el sha3b.

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Tamer Mokhtar said...

howa abd el re7eem she7ata etshal men el wezara???

Mohaly said...

men zaman, el a7gob mesek makano

amina said...

el ghareeb that u know all the ministers and even putting them in gomla mofeeda!

omar said...

ya lahwee 3aleek ya mohaly, if u noticed ya gama3a, he has put the big names (prime minister, head of people assembly and head of shura council) in the introduction
ya3nee bardo heirarchy, er7am nafsak men el Org development :)

Mohaly said...

the strange thing is that TR didnt comment on this specific post :)

TR said...

I wanted to. I thought it was funny at the beginning, but yesterday I went back to an old habbit, which is reading Egyptian newspapers, and as I was reading el Ahram, la2et khabar 3an 7alat el tasammom, khabar en Germany khayfa teb3at ras Nefertiti ledawa3y amneyya, zeyadet rawateb el atebba2(men 100 L.E to a max of 150 L.E). Ro7t 3ala barid el ahram,...ma3adsh feeh nas bet2ool ra2yaha wala bet3alla2 3ala 7aga 7asalet.
La2et nas fe3lan betosrokh sarkhet mot.(dy el ahram, gareedet el dawla. gareedet el kezb wel 7a2i2a el ma2looba)ommal el 7a2i2a fen? el wad3 ma32ool ba2a aw7ash kaman men keda???
Mohaly, ana asef. Ana bas7ab my comments on the last few posts.
In a few months I'll get my Australian citizenship, but till then I'll have to call myself an Egyptian. But I'm not proud.
In a few months I'll never call myself Egyptian again. ana fe3lan asef, bass mesh ader.

Mohaly said...

ya khosara, Egypt is loosing another good mind!!

Mesh 3aref 2a2oul Mabrouk 3al Australian wala 2az3al 3ala loosing a good Egyptian

I hope that u wont drop the Egyptian nationality, u never know may be one day after this generation leaves, they look for people like us, may be!

TR said...

La ya seedy ana masry 7atta el sameem. ana bass sa3at banfager men el araf.