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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hurghada ... The right place at the right Time!

Guys, if you can afford to move to Hurghada, you should....Cairo is the Capital of Stress in the Africa and the Middle East...Dont waste your life in stress, traffic, worries, pollution, crowd...Believe me, you wont regret it.

Hurghada saved me from an ugly depression phase that I have been passing through in 2006. After 7 months of living between Cairo & Hurghada (actually last 3 months I spent half of it in Hurghada), I am back on track...better in production at work, working out and moving towards getting in shape, back to my friends, and finally looking for a wife (dunno the wife thing is good or bad ;)

In Cairo, you need an agenda to plan your weekend....parking, friends, traffic...etc...in 1 Weekend I had been to makadi, and Gouna....can you do that in Cairo?!



Tamer Mokhtar said...

totally agree, i went from couple of weeks to Cairo & i touched how the people suffering just by living in Cairo, and u can't discover unless u get out of Cairo for couple of weeks.

Now i can say bluntly i hate cairo, love hurghada

khateeb said...

What sort of work is available there, am in if i can find a decent job that pays good money not much but good i would give an arm or a leg not to live in Cairo again.

am not on the Hunt know but it will help a lot if i know early to plan my return any suggestions anyone i guess u know what i can do add to it an MBA now ....

Spot said...

when u r coming? :)