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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Contradictions in Our Lives - Part III

The guy died in the operation, and they are posting a congrats for the doctor!!! Even if intentionally, how did they got into the mood of sarcasm!


ahmed m. said...

allah yer7amo, 3agayeb!

Yasmine Ismail said...

these guys are either crazy or got a high sense of humor!


omar said...

e7na 3amalna el 3aleena,
da7ena bel ab 3ashan el 2osra te3esh :)

Yasmine said...

I think whoever thought this up is brilliant!
Instead of suing him (ineffective in Egypt) they're ruining the doctor's reputation, garrasoulo gorsa mo7tarama gedan; instead of shetima and tahzee2, they "thanked him".
I LOVE the sarcasm!

Chapeau :D

omar said...

dol masa7o bekaramto el 2ard, yestahel, bas fe3lan gabo 2a3sab meneen?

Mohaly said...

fekra gamda bardo :)