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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NOT FUN::: Just 1 question: WHYYYY?!!




Ahmed M. said...

welcome to egypt :)

khateeb said...

semi-skilled, underequipped, willing to take risks, Low uncertainty avoidance.

which leads to low quality , no support or after sales service and deffnatly not much CRM.

if this is what a person has to do to fix a problem no wonder they never fix things anymore they replace.

Mohaly said...

I agree, actually I am really sad that the unprofessional attitude reaches this stage. It makes my job much harder, even though I am not addressing this level through work, but dealing with them at the end of the day.

amina said...

etkan el 3amal'. if they follow simple instruction of our relegion they wouldnt have done that!

omar said...

Why don't he get an offer in the circus? I am sure he can make more money if he has his own show on TV :)

God it is a hectic hot day in Dubai, I miss Cairo!

Amy said...

I just don't know what was going on in his mind!

omar said...

if he thinks, he won't be in that position in the first place.

Geeee said...

no no, actually my uncle working in the field and he said that this is the only solution to stick the cable to the wall because:

- they apartment is too high that not any stairs can reach it from outside
- plus they sure don't have the appropriate tools to do this right

I guess you need to be "Air Condition " :D to feel this

Mohaly said...

Thanks Ahmed for your illustration, but I am sure - from a safety point of view- there must be some other way to do it right.

Yasmine Ismail said...

although i login everyday, i missed this post!!

Gee, there must be another way ofcourse!!


Tamer Rezk said...

I posted a reply but for some reason it doesn't show, so I'm givin it another go.

Well this photo seems to be following me everywhere I go.

The first time I've seen that photo was during a safety management induction I had to go through when I first arrived in Australia. The instructor was talking about fatal incidents and unsafe procedures when that picture popped up on the screen. Everybody started laughing except for me because I had that deep feeling that this one was taken in Egypt, and I was waiting for the guy to say it, but fortunately he didn't. Then I started recieving this photo frequently in my email. I still don't know for sure if this photo was taken in Egypt but I still get that same feeling every time I see it.
Don't blame the guys, it's"akl el 3eish", blame the authorities, which uptil this moment don't have a common safety procedures to ensure the safety of the labourer.
It's simple, if I'm an employer and I'm not forced to insure people working for me, don't have to provide adequate tools(by law), in an over populated country, and one of my employees who earns a couple of hundred pounds a month refuses to do a job, I'll just kick him out and employ 10 instead of him and getting paid half of what he does. That's why people don't complain, there's nothing to back them up, no unions to complain to.
el nas dy ghalaba mesh 3adeemy el e7sas.