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Friday, March 23, 2007

PERSONAL:::How did she lose me in 10 weeks?


I don't like to talk much about my personal life, but wanted to share an ex-failure with you. May be you can tell me why coz till today I don't know!!

It started smooth and nice, then after 4 weeks of fun, we had 10 weeks of madness:

- Lying: She wasn't honest about what her intentions were.
- Mixed Signals: She was intending to give me mixed signals of what am I to her.
- Rude: In Public & Private. When I get flowers, she asks WHY, instead of Thanks!

P.S. This is not about Y.I., I haven't met a girl like her till now ;)



Ghada said...

You cant take everything all together, you-mashaa Allah- have a very successful career, very good reputation, and loveing friends.
The right person didn't come yet :)

omar said...

el 3eeb 3ala Tamer :)

sayeb sa7bak keda, 2albo beyewga3o we 3ayez 7ad yedala3o ;)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

one of you didn't start right, so the expectation went wrong & and ended up with failure.

like: maybe from the first day you decided to get married this girl.

In my opinion you should:
- have balanced attraction.
- avoid too much love because is a disaster.
- always keep something for tomorrow .
- set milestones :)
- select the right time.
- set a limit to share.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

ya basha law kan 2aly sa3etaha kan kolo ba2a fe el tamam.

amy said...

the worst thing in a relation is not being honest about intentions from the begining.

Geeee said...

well, mohaly I guess you and her expected more from each other. I guess you just had a crush on her and maybe she had the same on you too and this is not good my friend.
Both of you didn't manage it right to make it right ...
and remember mohaly, what comes fast, goes fast .. just don make it affect badly on you, it's just one of life experiences; take it easy and let it go ;)

Mohaly said...

Thanks Ahmed, it is already gone and i am over it from a long time, but didnt know what was the reason till now.

Fatima, 7akeemat el 2olob, what's your opinion (other than that I have to get married to someone you choose for me :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

knowing you Mohaly -even better than the rest- I can tell that you started giving very early in your releationship without waiting to see if she is the right person who deserves your giving.

what tamer said -except for the 2nd point- is very much true, it seems that he knows you well too :)


Yasmine Ismail said...

and p.s. thank you, it is mutual :)


omar said...

ghareeba, we didnt hear from khateeb el 7akeem about business (sawiris) or personal!

howa kan eli bali balak we khalas wala eih :)

Fatiflower said...

Hi Mohaly: Sorry I was very busy on the weekend, please see my comment on the post previous to this one ;)

I don't agree with you about using the term "ex-failure" because you didn't fail but you gained experience and your maturity increased. I think that she is cold person because she asks why when she gets flowers,is she German? :(

I think that she is not the right co-writer for your love story;)

Your pair is already chosen by Allah, this pair according to Allah's rules should have features that will match with yours(or like puzzles pieces :) even if apparently will be contradictory to yours but it will work.

Knowing you personally, you are special person and logically you'll get special things in this life.

By the way, I have a good candidate for you, my friend you know her :))))))

Mohaly said...

thank you fatima :)

and ya lahweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, dont you get bored!!

Yasmine said...

I don't know the girl, what she did, how it was between you...
But here are my two cents :)
Like i was telling you yesterday ya Mohaly, you guys are very linear and literal in your thinking and understanding; everything should fall within the simple lines of 1+1=2. It always has to be cut and clear, black and white. You're not very flexible in your processing...
Us girls (most of us anyways), we have way too many variables, levels and depths, 1+1 could equal 2, 3 or 5, depending on a list of circumstances and reasons...
each situation has its ruling.

My point is, when starting a relationship, one must accept the fundamental differences of the opposite sex, without foolishly expecting they could change it, and find the best way to work around it, and come out of it with the least possible damage.

Hope that makes sense :)
So far very few guys i know managed to at least accept that

Mohaly said...

then a request for girls to provide us with their matrix manual to study it so we know 1+1= how much today!

Yasmine said...

haha! you'd think it would be that simple!
i told you, you guys are too linear in your thinking.

khateeb said...

Its very hard to talk about this topic without stereotyping yet I'll try.

A relationship is like a trip to Sharm el shai7' in a two seater, you both have driving licenses but only one can drive at a time.

Planing how fast you go is not easy since both do not know how fast the other would drive, weather only one could drive all the way or how easy are checkpoints that day. You would agree to switch places "Only if, one feels the need to and try to force the other person into it".

Its for sure long and crazy during some parts of the trip, cars and trucks (other ppl around you in relationships) are also not making it just that.

Friends and family call your mobile to check on you, sometime they make you feel good and sometime they are distracting you from driving, check points you pass makes you feel closer to the were you want to go yet the effort you made to get there and the way things went in the check point makes you feel, come on!!, how many are left till the end.

Getting closer to sharm, seeing the first part of the marina ,smelling the sea fresh air you slow down and enjoy and start to realize that what matters is not how fast or ruff it was to get here but the fact that they are here together and they will enjoy it together.

If suddenly things go bad and one split b4 you reach Sharm or while you were there the trip back home from any point is always hard just because you are alone and thats is the only thing that is eating you now.

I broke up about a month ago almost the same reason too fast or too slow relationships give me the creeps. It wasn't easy yet am over it. Am still here calling out "Wa7ed sharm el sha7', sharm el shai7' nafar wa7ed we netla3 ya gama3a...hehe"

Yasmine said...

Looks like there's 2 of us hitching a ride to sharm ya bibo :)

Mohaly said...

make it 3 please.

what about riding to vegas!

Yasmine said...

la la i wanna go somewhere with a beach.