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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Contraditions in Our Lives!! -- Part I

Actually that is the title of a long article I have written in 2005. But when I saw this picture, taken in Lebanon during summer 2006, I remembered the famous quote: "1 picture is better than 1000 words", isn't it?
The Picture:
1. Logo of Islamic Resistance Movement.
2. Tattoo.
3. Stomach Body Top, and Tight Jeans.


omar said...

God Bless LEBANON :)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

We need to support such mozzaz, On behalf of TASS and supporting mozaz like them, we will create a special sheet with Rousdy Abaza & 2 black horses :)Nagla will not help :)

we bossa men 3andy heheheh

ahmed m. said...

and many to come!

omar said...

enta eih hekayatak ma3 el hosan ya tamer!!

Fatiflower said...

hehehehe Alik ya Omar enta 3ala toul bete7rek Titi, danta kedah 7ateftah maoudou3 kebir worse than homosexuality :O

Fatiflower said...

3ala fekrah ya Omar Tamer 3andou 2outa sharkasiya gamila kalamou 3an el 7oussan dah sodfa :D

Tamer Mokhtar said...

discovered that it's became interesting for some :)

omar said...

ya 3eeni, how tamer el dala3 beta3o Titi, eih ya 3am tamer dah, mesh keda!!

Tamer Mokhtar said...

and as CEO of TASS i always look for the consumer demand, they paying money for our service.

Don't worry ya Omar we checked ur emails and soon you'll get what u asked for

Yasmine Ismail said...

I don't see a problem, she is a fox who wanna express her support to an islamic movement that impresses her. That is typical in Lebanon.

khateeb said...

i wouldn't mind that a fox, babe, chick or a mozza rise with everyone on an idea that she believes in.
what she is wearing or showing is up to her, it was a show of support and everyone is welcome.

Even though the picture looks normal in the first look, finding a reason for it been taken raises the question "nice tattoo!!" but thinking about it makes me feel OK with it.

God be with Lebanon

Geeee said...

Sorry bebo but I'm not with you in this one; freedom is ok but not in all cases.

I guess that the situation in such case is critical as you are supporting an Islamic movement or a political situation u don't need to go out with your full makeup like the other photos we got in our emails and guys are carrying girls in the streets of course not to shout with the flow but for other reason.

It's a serious situation not a booming night club, I guess she should respect it more than this or stay at home.

you don't even see such scenes in Europe or anywhere else (Full Makeup we beta3) absolutely :D she was showing off we bs nothing more.

Finally as you guys are saying: The wrong person in the right place at the wrong time ;)

Geeee said...

bs dah maymna3sh enena ne support el mozzaz we beta3 bs mesh hena we kefaya topics kda ba2a ya mohaly :D

Mohaly said...

u reminded me of El Sefara fel 3emara when Adel Emam carried Dalia El Behary :)