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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sex Education ... How and When?

Last Saturday I have watched a new program on an Egyptian private channel dedicated for a subject that many of the Egyptian and Arab societies consider as a taboooooo!!

The whole program is a series of episodes about sex education from a scientific and religious points of view. The program actually raised a very good issue that -in my opinion- is one of the main sources of the dramatic increase in divorce rates, and marriage problems even if it doesn't directly relate to it.

The Egyptian/Arab man -not all of course- gets his sexual knowledge from friends, porno pictures or movies, wrong info, and/or sometimes trying couple of times paid or fun sex. The notion of sex in his mind turns into using the female body for pleasure without thinking about how she can have fun and get satisfied too. Believe it or not, prophet Muhammad has ordered us to make sure that our wives are satisfied, and not to mate with her like animals..

On the other hand, women -again not all- are raised in our society fearing sex, sometimes hating it because it is associated in her mind with virtue, pain, or even disgust. Women are also raised with a great fear of doing many activities to keep their virginity without knowing that it isn't that easy to loose it for a sport or hard work - and now actually you cant really tell coz of the advanced operations-.Anyway, women at the end become afraid from sex and face a great stress before marriage & sometimes after as well.

Back to men, some men want to have fun with their wives as they had in their past experiences; however, if they noticed that their wives have the know-how about it, they start being suspicious!! what a sick contradiction!!!

I think that towards the end of the engagement period and before "tying the knot", the bride-to-be, and her fiancee, should talk about it -politely- and know where do they stand and what to expect. Not only that, after marriage, they need to be trained together, coz sex is like a sport - tennis for example- where the best entertainment and satisfaction come when the players keep the ball going in court, and it will be the most boring game if it is one-sided, so the more you get prepared, the more you score ;)

Enough for now, let me hear your opinion first...

P.S. for sick minds, please no "2elet 2adab"..



Tamer Mokhtar said...

the name is not the correct name:) it's not education it's practicing :)
in your language... the same like session & workshop :))))))))
that's for sure plus inaugurating it at the right time, in the right place with the right person :))))))))

i'll ask Hany to come and comment on this topic :)))))

Mohaly said...

It is right coz Education should come before practice, not preactice before your education as your sex-icon friend does!!

yasmine ismail said...

I believe our generation is changing this already, dunno but i am sure that we are better than before.


Mohaly said...

Of course we are, but still lot to do for raising the next generationto be better than us :)

khateeb said...

mohaly thanks a lot for sending me this via email, i read your article till the end, had all sort of comments to say then i read the last note "P.S. for sick minds, please no "2elet 2adab".." and i can't think of anything now... :D hehe sorry

Nice topic i think it will remain taboo for sometime but i like that you didn't stereotype. Cairo should not be an indication of all Egypt i hope you got what am implying ;)

Mohaly said...

anytime khateeb, and i am glad that you like it.

yes i got what u r implying...message delivered ;)

Yasmine said...

Related to that issue, there's a tv show done by the famous Dr. Kotb. I think she's psychologist, specialized in sexual issues.
I watched her a couple of time, and i must say i was VERY impressed.
She received questions and inquiries via phone and emails, and she replied to the questions very clearly, directly, and without shaming the person asking the question.
Not forgeting of course that her answers are not based on personal opinion or experience, but on scientific AND religious grounds.
I admire this woman for not being scared to work on such a sensitive subject in our society, because we really need more people like her.

Anonymous said...

i realy love what you wrote.but if egyptian girls follow your advice most of them will be pitchs and they will tell their future husbands that they lost their virginity because of sport ;-D anyway for me this is cool.

someone you know by heart.

Mohaly said...

Thank you for your comment "anonymous" but I dont know which part in my article promotos girls to loose virginity. They should preserve themselves for their future husbands, but this doesnt mean that everything in their life is controlled by the notion of fearing to get involved in activities. Anyway I think if a girl wanna be bitchy then she's better be a bitch than a wife betraying or fooling her husband. mesh keda wala eih :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with mohaly, getting what is in, is better than being a hypocrat.