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Monday, March 26, 2007

Why is it always the 26th?!!

  • Mubarak amends article 76 on 26/2/2005.

  • Article 76 Referendum (estefta2) on 26/5/2005.

  • Mubarak announces the change in 34 articles on 26/11/2006.

  • New Articles Referendum on 26/3/2005 (was on 4/4 and they changed it to be on the 26th, is it a co-incidence?!)



omar said...

yemken mubarak etwalad on the 26th!!

omar said...

tab3an meeb gheer mohaly momken yakhod balo men el numbers :)

khateeb said...

26 3afreet azra2 lama ye3afrathom..."
hehehehe :D :D

7asbia allah, wane3ma al wakeel"

ahmed m. said...

yemken 3ashan 26 july, but the president beta3 7arb october, hmmm

ya tara leeh?!

7ad ra7 el estefta22 el naharda?

omar said...
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omar said...

wa2 wa2 men el esteftaaaa2
ma2 ma2 3al esteftaaaa2
la2 la2 lel esteftaa2

an egyptian calling from dubai

Mohaly said...

actually mubarak was born on May 4th 1928, so it is neither the day or the year!