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Monday, March 5, 2007

Egyptian Bloggers....What is the limit?!

I think the shocking news of throwing an Egyptian blogger in jail for 4 years is really disappointing and a major draw back for the blogger community in Egypt (more than 4,000)...

I am a believer in the freedom of speech even if it is against what i think and believe. The freedom is a responsibility and should be used to express one's opinion and thoughts without fear; however, the freedom has a limit...the limit is to express the opinion without insulting what other believe in...you can criticize, provide new point of view, but don't insult.

But even if you did, the reaction is not locking you up...that doesn't even work with Children anymore!! The right reaction for someone insulting is to ignore his/her blog so that he/she writes for him/herself....if they are criticizing, you should answer back or be convinced, but if they are insulting, then ignoring is the best punishment.

Anyway...I am sad about that, and hope that this is not a start of an anti-blogger era.



Ghada said...

Most of the people attacking him didnt even read his blog!

khateeb said...

i still don't know how this person was arrested as fare as i know the Egyptian justice system is still working on an Internet set of laws that will make emails legal documents and the Internet as a medium of communication so on what bases was he arrested since there is nothing in the law now that has the word Internet or digital or electronically .

Mohaly said...

are u really asking after 26 years of applying the Emergency (taware2) law?