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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Manage Your Stress....Manage Your Life!

Since I am starting a new stress management training this week, I thought of sharing these Internet tips with you.

1. For every one hour of work, take a five minute break and stretch, walk, or meditate. With just a few minutes of relaxation (or doing something other than work), you'll increase your physical activity as well as productivity and feel better throughout the day.

2.Spend 20 minutes a day doing something that is relaxing and not work related. Try taking a walk, stretching, reading a book, or doing yoga. These activities can help you keep your energy level up and feel better longer than eating a candy bar, drinking a soda, or eating a bag of chips.

3. If you are experiencing mild depression or anxiety, aerobic workouts such as walking or jogging can significantly improve your mood. Non-aerobic exercise, like weight lifting, can also boost your spirits, improve sleep and appetite, reduce irritability and anger and produce feelings of mastery and accomplishment. Be sure to check with your health care professional before you start any new exercise program.

4. Give volunteer work a try. It's a great way to take your mind off your own troubles and it gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you volunteer your time and energy to a good cause.

5. Make sure to plan something rewarding for the end of your hectic day, even if it as simple as a relaxing bath or a few minutes with a good book. Put off housekeeping, work, or family issues for a short period prior to bedtime and permit yourself to completely relax. Do not spend this time preparing tomorrow's schedule or doing chores you weren't able to get around to during the day. Keep in mind that you need time to revive and energize yourself. By doing this you'll be much more prepared to handle another stressful day.

6. Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going. Try bringing a book or magazine with you when you may have to pass time while waiting for an appointment or meeting.

7. Make today your focal point. You can't change yesterday, and you need not worry about tomorrow's challenges. Also, don't be concerned about what may never happen again.

8. Manage your time more effectively. Make an achievable "to do" list, and set priorities. Break tasks into smaller-sized chunks. Delegate as much as you possibly can. Remember that tomorrow is another day-and come to terms with the fact that you may not get everything done today.


amy said...

No.7 is the most impressive in my opinion!
----- You can't change yesterday, and you need not worry about tomorrow's challenges.

Mohaly said...

Actually it is one of the most imprortant and key notions not only for stress but for leading a happy life.

that is why now is called THE PRESENT because it is a gift :)

Yasmine Ismail said...
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Yasmine Ismail said...

I knew that you won''t pass it without mentioning time! :)

Actually stress has become Mankind 1st enemy in this century.


omar said...

you want to experience real stress, come and WORK in dubai donnot just visit.

omar said...

For no. 2, these 20 minutes can be anything ;))))))))))))))

amy said...

actually point 4 regarding volunteer work is very important because the feeling of giving without return is an amazing way in feeling better about yourself

Fatiflower said...
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Fatiflower said...

I was really exosted this weekend between cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing and folding sorry Mohaly it's contrary to your rules :(

I think that these tips are really working when you live on your own or with a very organised husband/wife...with my husband nothing can be forecasted or pre-arranged, it's all the time "sibiha alla Allah" and this is what upsets me so much with my husband. Don't ask me why I didn't insist on changing this since the begining? my answer will be that my husband was organised when we were living abroad but once in Egypt, he became a pure Egyptian in time management:(

Now, between taking care of my daughter, my husband, househlod stuff and work, I feel really that I am living in a circle that I am vainly to break.

But, I recently promised my self that I will take the control of the situation and will start this process gradually and these tips came to help.
Thanks Mohaly ;)

Mohaly said...

Hi fatima, thanks a lot for sharing....My answer in a quick point: TRY ONE THING AT A TIME, you cant apply all rules at once if you in an un-organized enviornment. The big challenge for us all is to develop the country and this is not an easy job becaue of the "khaleha 3ala Allah" culture.

Anyway, it doesnt have to be you living alone. Try starting with no. 1, then the following week no.7, then next week no.5, ...etc.

at the end of the 8 weeks you will at least score 4 of them meaning that you will have at least 50% of your stress reduced :)

Good luck :)

Yasmine Ismail said...

Take it easy Fatima. Being a mum is rewarding too.


Fatiflower said...

I miss you all guys, sorry I am quite busy these days.
True Yassmine and thanks for reminding me of the of that being a mother is the most rewarding fact I have in my life. I really enjoy being a mother, especially for my sweet Jannat she is lovely one, but the problem that makes it heavy task for me is the Balance in life.
Have a nice day :)

Sal said...

Hi Moh, can u give me an advice. how can i mange the stress of exams, and emotional stress?

Mohaly said...

By Healing at Source...i.e. see what is the hardest thing in your studies, the thing that really turns you off studying and just do it, tackle it, however hard it is....the problem is we always do the opposite; keep the hard part till the end where we are already exhausted and lack motivation, and do the easy part when we don't need motivation. Balance it by doing the hard part (even if u hate it) when you are up, and the easy part when you are down whatever the temptations are.

For emotional stress, this depends on what kind of emotions and your age....but generally speaking our minds are split into 2 parts: the analytical mind (usually the left half) and the emotional mind (the right half), so when you feel that you are overwhelmed by emotions, your right Brian is in control and it is hard to think....then just sit, and write ANYTHING, just let your left analytical brain take control by thinking about what you are writing...bit by bit you are less stressful and not overwhelmed.

and remember than you cant beat stress, you have to SURVIVE stress not kill it coz some stress is important in life to push us forward and keep us from being lazy (positive stress).

Last and not least, if u r a Muslim, read quran and pray, the process of Wodo2, and Sojod is really and scientifically a successful process in reducing stress.

Rabena Yewafa2ek,

Sal said...

thanks Mohamed.
but actually i don't have the have problem in studying i have problems in exams . have u ever known anything about MD exams in medical school. exams in medical school are really very hard and MD exams are the worest cz it the last . cz after MD u enta men el ahrar before MD enta men el 3beed.
thanks ya mohamed it was really very kind of u to answer my questions.
the idea of Quran is really of great help but it doesn't work all the time.

Sal said...

about emotional stress the problem always not that i 'm overwhelmed by emotions. the problem that i run away from emotion cz i couldn't tolerate the stress of making a decision of commitment
after every time of failure i said ok this will be the last time next time i 'll change my attitude. i 'll be a good different girl. nothing change cz the fear is always there.
sorry i 'm treating u as if u are a psychiatrist. it will be nice if u open the discussion about the issue in the blog i want to know how people think.
Thanks again