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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Contradictions In Our Lives! - Part IV

Note from a Governor to his subordinates to go and say YES in the referendum, and not show up tomorrow!
Source: Al - Jazeera


omar said...

metawake3 eih men el 7okoma, 2olo na3am, 7ader, 20l0 la2, 7ader!

amina said...

la 7awla wla kowa ela be Allah. Rabena yostor

zxqzmkgs said...

na3am ya 7abiby na3am!

i am sooooo frustrated from this note.

Mohaly said...

the good news is that the results are finally in the 70s after loooong time in the 90s %

omar said...

so we need about 5o more years to reach the 50% range, GREAT, let's meet in heaven!