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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Studies: Love lasts only 3 years!!!!!

I have read in today's newspapaer that a recent Study has proved that - chemically speaking- love only lasts 3 years at most!!!

That is the natural inertia of Love at its best. Unless you work on, and exert effort to keep the heat through activtives, plans, surprizzes, presents, appointemnts, traveling alone, not taking each other for granted...sorry but "Love will expire in 36 months" and you will need to buy -ops- find a new one :(



Mohaly said...

Fatima is saying ya gama3a that i should get married every 3 years to always be in Love!!!!

yasmine ismail said...

why dont marriage contract renew every 3 years :)


Yasmine Ismail said...

it seems that people dont wanna renew :)


L.G. said...

عندما نحب .. لا .. لا أعتقد أنه ينتهي بعد 3 سنوات .. لا أعتقد أنه ينتهي أصلا .. لو أحببت يوما لن تنسي مدي الحياة .. حتى وإن عاندتك الأيام وانتهت واقعيا قصة الحب وأحببت ثانية .. عفوا لا ينتهي الحب ولكنه يبقى أسيرا للأبد في قلبك لذا لا تحب كثيرا لكي لا تفقدكل مساحة قلبك