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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Arab Summit....Is it the right thing at the right time?

Everytime there is an Arab summit, I feel excited about the fact that we are already meeting together and may be agreeing -for a change- about a unified point of view or notion. But everytime as an Arab citizen (if this word exists) I get disappointed coz for the last 20 years (since i started understanding politics) the same scenario happens...some repeated sometime aggressive words, some fighting, pictures, food, taking planes back home....and nothing changes...

I am pro Arab unity, and I dream to walk through the Arab countries without restrictions (as it was less than 100 years ago), but I now see the Arab summit a right thing but done at the wrong time coz the culture dominating this generation of Arab rulers and the circumstances makes the summit a waste of money and time that should rather be spent on the development or solving problems of their countries..

Anyway, I will be really happy if the coming summit tomorrow in Saudi Arabia comes up with successful PRACTICAL resolutions...who knows?!



omar said...

etafaka el 3arab 3ala 2ala yatafeko :)

it seems that I am the first one to log everyday, yemken 3ashan far2 el taw2eet?

ahmed m. said...

they were meeting a lot, and trying to have a successful one, but i dont think they will

amina said...

why the negative look?!

omar said...

akhasmak ah, aseebak lah

she3ar el dwal el 3arabia

Mohaly said...

they should have times the "mabadret el salam". nothing obliges israel to accept it!