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Saturday, March 10, 2007

My fellow 30ians - Part II: Body

The way you treat your body and the habits you get into in this decade, will play a big role in determining your health for the rest of your life. Check your cholesterol levels regularly, find some stress relieving mechanisms and keep as active as possible. You will be so grateful later on!

By our fourth decade on planet earth, most of us have learnt some new words. We’ve learnt some stuff about interest rates, bond repayment and ante-nuptial contracts. Things have started to get serious. What with needing to get the kids to soccer and ballet, getting to the PTA meeting and catching the cricket score, you’ve missed your workout … again.

This is the stage of your life that the habits – good or bad – over the previous years of your life come home to roost. Look at your waistline, and those of your friends. What’s happened to yours in the last ten years? Ideally, your trouser size should stay more or less the same. More importantly, it shouldn’t be more than size 36. Any larger than that and your run a heightened risk of heart disease.

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Mohaly said...

I personally gained 15 kilos when I turned 30, and stayed almost a year like that, but i worked out an lost 5, and 10 more to go (10 more weeks). Better now while I am 31 than later coz it will be much harder.

yasmine ismail said...

I think the mind-set is responsible for the way you lead your life. So "if you think about your body as investment, you will be keen on making this investment profitable"...isnt it your words?

Anyway, if you think that 30s is scaring for men, then try being a women ;)


ghada said...

30s for girls is the beast :(