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Friday, March 16, 2007

PERSONAL:::The Good Old Days!

This picture was taken in 2005....Just a small salute to Mohamed El-Khateeb in Germany...We missed you and hope to see you soon :))


L-R: Mohaly, Khateeb, Mina.


yasmine ismail said...

I dont know Khateeb, but from his posts I can tell that he has brains.


omar said...

he looks like the daddy of the 2 twins on his left & right!!

khateeb said...

OMG...mohaly thanks a lot for posting my picture on your blog... it really bring back memories...but i think now the police would have no problem putting me on the wanted list or something since they now have a face to match the name and posts...just kidding :D

thanks yasmine for your comment mohaly's post as so mentally chanlenging so the credit goes to him , but thanks a lot and hope to get to know you better...

yasmine ismail said...

khateeb, dont give a damn, say your opinion without fear.

mohaly's posts are nice, but your comments were good too.

pleasure is all mine, will try to have my profile ready soon but so busy these days.


Mohaly said...

i dont see a reason for the police to go after u, and just in case let me know which post u wanna delete :))

and i agree with yasmine, ur comments challenges me to post more :))

khateeb said...

No fear, i think my Posts, and do say what i want, was just kidding :D

mohaly keep it up I enjoying this. and its a gr8 way to keep in touch.

Yasmine said...

do you guys remember that day?? God it feels like it was a lifetime ago!!
so much happened... we've all changed so much!!