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Friday, March 16, 2007

At Last ...Egypt names first female judges :)

I wish to see a female Prime Minister in Egypt....I believe that some estrogen is needed in our political life ;)


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Egypt’s judiciary chief has named the country’s first female judges despite opposition from conservative Muslims, according to a decree published Wednesday.
Mukbil Shakir, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, appointed 31 women to judge or chief judge positions in Egypt’s courts, the official Middle East News Agency said, quoting Shakir’s decree.
The move is expected to give a boost to President Hosni Mubarak’s political and social reforms that have been widely criticized as too restricted. But others said the announcement still falls short of providing women equal opportunities.
The decree said the women, who previously were state prosecutors, passed a special test before being named to their new posts.


yasmine ismail said...

Prime minister :) You are so optimistic mohaly.

anyway i hope so.


khateeb said...

I would be OK with a female prime minister but i guess after i see a true male prime minister and by male i mean a man of his word not by sex or gender, the term that most ppl take for granted and say "Ra-gel" i had so much hope and optimism in this new Clean government since it was spearheaded with a man who carries the same name...I hope they don't put you away for 4 years mohaly for Blogging u can remove it after reading it if you wish...

Mohaly said...

dont worry khateeb, your name is on the posted comment not mine :)

omar said...

but women are not ready all the month, u know what i mean. Ladies, no offense.

amina said...

men or women, the important thing is JUSTICE.