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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good Minds....Develop Egypt, or Fly Emirates?!

The painful subject....to be or not to be in Egypt!!
Lately i wont be exag. if i said that 70% of the good minds I know (colleagues, friends,..etc) have re-located to Dubai...Actually when I go to Dubai I feel like I am back in AUC!!

What happened to the people...is it because they want to live a better life - which is our dream- or because they dont care about the development of Egypt.

I have been always torn between the desire and temptation...dont get me wrong, specially tamer mokhtar ;)

The desire is to stay in Egypt and take part in developing the country, the system, the people...build it again to cope with the world...while the temptation is moving to Dubai where I live easier life, have more money, but develop no one but myself.

I know that many of you will say, "kabbar" buy your head ;) and live...you only live once....but that is exactly my point....we only live ONCE, if everyone will focus on him/herself in this "once", then who will develop the community, who will build it....hard, yes very hard, but not impossible.

The people managing Egypt now are doing it according to the culture they know, but one day -and not very far- our generation (people born in the 70s) will be in power, and if all the good minds went to the US, EU or Dubai; we are simply leaving the floor empty to the ones who dont have a vision or even a plan.

I am not dreaming, and I am not asking you to forget about your dreams, but I am sure that spending couple of years to establish your career/money is fine but come back and develop here, one after another, something new will be born, a new culture, a better life, if not for us, then for our kids or even grandkids.

The point is our kids will be considered as forigners in US, EU, and even Dubai, so let's not make them foriegners in their own country as well. And If we feel this way, then let's develop this community in order for them to lead and live in a better Egypt that we lived in..



Geeee said...

Well I'm totally with you Mohaly, I think that people who develop somewhere away from our country is like building on clouds. Although all the problems u can found here in Egypt but ... I love her ... it's mine & I do it's my born place, what am I suppose to do else ;)

Mohaly said...

Great, but it is not only about passion- though it is important - It is about working together as a generation to have this country a better place to live in and bring our children to.

Yasmine Ismail said...
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Yasmine Ismail said...

i think i cant dare to comment :)