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Friday, March 23, 2007

Naguib Sawiris......An Egyptian Businessman Role Model.

I consider him the best business man in Egypt.
1. He knows when to buy, when to operate, and when to sell.
2.He is clear about how much does he own, and proud of it.
3.His ambition is endless, doesn't have boundaries, and he knows how to make his dreams come true.
Do you agree, or have something else to say?
Net Worth: 2.6 Billion US Dollars
Country Of Citizenship: Egypt
Residence: , Egypt, Middle East & Africa
Industry: Communications
Marital Status: married, no childrenSon of Onsi Sawiris.
History: made first foray into Europe telecom sector with his group's $12 billion purchase last year of a controlling stake in Italian mobile and fixed-line phone operator Wind Telecommunicazioni. Facing pressure from Iraqi public for poor service record of Iraqna, his mobile phone subsidiary in war-torn Iraq. Argued that security problems there should prompt government to extend current licenses by 3 to 5 years. Bought stake in Hutchison Whampoa for $1.3 billion, causing concerns among some Israelis who didn't like the idea of Arabs holding a stake in Hutchison's Israeli cellular carrier, Partner Communications. --- Ref: Forbes


ahmed m. said...

He may be all that, but I don't trust egyptian businessmen.

omar said...

Not all of them ya ahmed

Tamer Mokhtar said...
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Tamer Mokhtar said...

i respect Naguib Sawiris, also because he is simple & his way of talking not like other businessmen.

i agree ya mohaly he is a role model
and wish that we all in egypt become small sawiris :)

we all dreaming about money so let's have some what if:

- if there's Sawiris Academy, will you join?
- if he accepted to be minister, priminister.
- in egypt do we accept him as president? why?
- what's next for him?
- when he will say khalas mesh 3ayez 7aga tanya?

** i guess it's fair now to ask sawiris to pay me kam million 3ala el comment da :)

Mohaly said...

I am impressed ya Tamer that finally you are posting a serious comment and even adding valuable questions :) It seems that finally I will have the pleasure of having your skills of making the topics hot in serious stuff too :)

Mohaly said...

For your questions (my opinion, and i ask others to answer tamer with theirs as well):

1. Sawiris Academy: all ambitious junior businessmen or people who want to broaden their practical business skills.
2. Minister: He won’t accept, and this is part of his success. Minister has a time span even if long years, but now he is free and developing on an international scale.
3. President: I will accept him, but as you know I represent less than 1% of the people. I think we succeed in having a Coptic Head of People's Assembly first, we can think of the next, but for now I don’t think the majority will accept a Coptic or Woman.
4. Next: International Giant Sawiris Corporation (Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America).
5. When to stop: I don’t think he will, and if he did, he will planning to something bigger - may be on the moon :)

Yea, he should pay you couple of millions, but 50-50 coz this is my blog :)


Tamer Mokhtar said...

between serious & fun you can find yourself in a place in between & the issue is that where you find ur self more.
I enjoy discussing & criticizing through fun where my brain top functioning, this is a fact :)

Swiris talks only in billions not million, so i believe that his net worth is not correct.

for the 50/50 i agree and i can accept 10% or even less bass yego :)

Mohaly said...

deal :)
The Net worth is in billions:
2,600,000,000 US Dollars
14,820,000,000 Egyptian Pounds

Ya rab 1/10000 7atta (which is more than 1 million pounds)

Yasmine Ismail said...
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Yasmine Ismail said...

Tamer, lot of money is not always something good by the way :)


Tamer Mokhtar said...

it depends :)
but as a concept i believe in most cases "too much from anything affect its value negatively" :)

Geeee said...

ya wad ya tamer enta ya beta3 el wises :D hehehe sokkar

khateeb said...

Absolutely respect the guy, moving and buying worldwide is a very good way to grow if you have ppl behind you to make things turn...I wish him luck. Wouldn't vote for him for presidency though since i know that he only trust Lebanese with management of strategic positions i don't think i would accept a Lebanese minster of defence or interior any time...too much money will kill you i agree but i think the UAE has set an example of too much money could build a city beyond the dreams of anyone,all the best of luck to them...

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