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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy 14th of March!!!!!

Today, 14/3, one month has passed since the Valentine's Day..... Have you arleady felt silly about being fooled by the commercial loving day - i was but not anymore- or not yet :)

I decided to celebrate the Valentine's on 14th of March...the weather is even better on that day... just a small tiny problem; whether it is 14th of Feb or March, whom am I will give the flowers to?!


P.S. I didn't drink "7aga 2asfara" before writing this article...May be I will after ;)


Fatiflower said...

I think that you skipped one day because today is 13/03 :)
there are two explanations for this, either you drunk <7aga 2asfara> :D or you are in advance by one day like you are in advance by your brain and thoughts ;)

If you're talking about today's weather, it was very bad one: windy and dusty if you mean tomorrow's weather this we still don't know yet :D

For the flowers you can give them to me on both dates because I didn't get from my husband this Valentine's ....:))))"Just kidding"

Hey Mohaly! are you ok?

Fatiflower said...

Now I am serious...

I don't believe that there should be any valentine's day because we should learn how to love everyday. Love should not be related to a date but to a person who loves you and is able to make you love him/her the whole life.

What makes the difference in a love story are the writers of this story, they have to choose a simple, clear and expressing style.

Mohaly: I beleive in your writing style, just find the right co-writer :)
Good Night!

Mohaly said...

Thanks Fatima for the supporting words. I believe that Love is an ongoing event too...Co-writer will be a dream :))

bo2bo2 said...

but u won't expensive chocolates on that day it's not available on that date ;)

Mohaly said...

I will pay the shop owner some more tips ya bo2bo2 so that he will make it expensive for me :)